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Update the copyright to 2012

Update the copyright to 2012


Just a simple idea to keep giffgaff one step ahead.


Update the copyright to 2012 with code that automatically inputs with the year.


Copyright © <? echo date('Y') ?> giffgaff


Easily done Smiley Happy. Chop chop giffgaff staff Smiley Tongue



Got to agree, simple yet a great idea !

Well spotted Smiley Happy


yes I have to agree, I thought that was how everyone did the copyright on thier site anyway, I'm really suprised to find that giffgaff dont do it that way.


Such an each change.


I thought the copyright date was the date of publication or the date it was registered for copyright


Year of publication

In case of a dispute of ownership of a work, the date plays an important part. If your work was developed and published before any potential opponents then you can usually expect to win any case which challenges your rights.


In the case of work which is continually updated, (for example a web site), the year of publication may be shown as a period from first publication until the most recent update, (i.e. 2000-2004)


I don't think you can change it ad-hoc like that, it says 2011 because the new layout was implemented in 2011, I suppose it could say 2011-2012 but you run the risk of if giffgaff go to court on copyright infringement they say their site is only 5 days old if you set is to just 2012



I agree with stephenmiller's comments


You don't see other websites and types of publication constantly changing dates like this proposal. Most websites have a range of dates, so I'd expect giffgaff to say 2009-2011 at the moment, with 2012 added when some content is changed. 





I agree with Redux, keep it simple like O2, Yahoo, Apple etc

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Status changed to: Implemented
Will be updated soon.

Copyright is set from the date of creation.
The last major update of the site must of been in 2011 therefore the date is right.