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Updating FAQs

Updating FAQs

Some of the info on the FAQ sections on the main site (rather than the forum) are out of date. For example, the Guide to Using an iPhone on giffgaff states that "If you're not on a goodybag, you'll get free data (up to 100MB/day fair use)'" [data is no longer free!]


The section Will I be able to use my phone and sim abroad? states that "Before you go, don't forget to top-up and check in your "My giffgaff" that roaming is not barred." [this option is no longer in 'My giffgaff']


Keeping FAQ info current is important so as not to mislead members and not to foster confusion. 


My idea is to have a clear "last updated on" date on FAQ/Info pages themselves (rather than just on the list of topics), and also to have a link on each FAQ which community members can use to report out of date information, thereby bringing it to gg's attention and allowing them to update it. This could be a simple email link, or a more tailored form which captures the relevant info about the FAQ.


I found dangaff's post on using wikis for FAQs, and while this would perhaps be a longer term solution, I'm not sure that implementation of a wiki is possible on the gg site at present.    

sounds constructiv
out of date info keeps cropping up all over the place - some of it even on 'official' giffgaff pages. it's no wonder some people end up very confused Smiley Sad

this ture it can get confusing

Yeah I've noticed quite a few out of date links and smatterings of erroneous information. It's a good idea, should be relatively simple to implement with great benefit to the community.

This is something that could be applied to all the content on the site, not just the FAQ's. It could also be used to report links or applications that no longer work.


I could get you a dozen links to official but incorrect information right now so I agree Smiley Happy



Thanks to everyone for the kudos and support. Smiley Wink Hopefully the idea will be adopted in one form or another. 

former giff-staffer
Status changed to: Working On It

With the arrival of our *dashing* new Knowledge Manager - the FAQs are in for major ass kicking which is in planning at the moment Smiley Happy


New Knowledge manager?  Do they like drive a London Taxi???


Just wanted to say thanks for accepting, but I think we need to see this new *dashing* knowledge manager! Smiley LOL