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Use Credit to Purchase Phones

Use Credit to Purchase Phones

After seeing this Idea I've come up with a little solution to many peoples problems.


Buying a phone currently requires you use a credit/debit card, where the shipping and billing address are the same, and it must not be a business address (even though some businesses have flats above them too).


What would be good is if you can use credit to purchase a phone.


So you can top-up like normal, say, £100, and then buy a phone.


Or, take your Payback as Credit, then spend it on a phone.


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Why not? Good idea!

Thanks for supporting @ammuni 

Seems a good way to do it.
That's sounds good

Thank you everybody! Smiley Happy @lifeishard2014 @furacrazy 

No problemo Smiley Wink

This is probably the best solution I've seen to buying a phone from payback Smiley Happy


Though it would be a bit dodgy buying £500 credit, and having that stored on a little slip of paper until you get home if you buy topup vouchers...


@mattsmith100 Well, with Payback, say you got around £100-£150, and your phone was £180, you'd only need to do a £30 top-up, which is pretty normal. Or, you could top-up multiple times over the course of a certain period, say 3 months, to save up and it would sort of act like the 'pay monthly' except without the loan.

Can't see any reason why this couldn't be made to work.



@blackfive460 Thanks for the support Smiley Happy