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Use "GiffGaff" as the swear word filter instead of **bleep**

Use "GiffGaff" as the swear word filter instead of **bleep**

My first idea suggestion, as a result of a recommendation. It's a silly idea, but simple nonetheless - use the word "GiffGaff" to replace profanity ( The original post ).


"Oh GiffGaff! You GiffGaffing Giff, you totally Gaffed up my car the other day when you Giffing Giffed the side of it with your GiffGaffing piece of Gaff car."


I think you get the picture Smiley Happy I don't know how the current system works, whether you have different words for each specific swear word, or whether you have one blanket replacement for all words.


Either way, take it as it is - a fun suggestion that I don't think carries much weight but might make certain posts a bit fun to read (asuming, that is, that some members like to swear a lot in this forum - which I'm sure they don't because everyone here is oh-so-nice).


Gaffing hell, this is hilariously popular!


u_ghafoor wrote:

This would be more funny than the time one of the educators replaced every swear word from an angry customer with the word banana.

OMG, I have to see that...


EDIT: Couldn't find it ... Smiley Sad

U_ghafoor you got a link for that??? I need to see it! Smiley Very Happy

Yep we should deffety do that I mean that's not going to get annoying after awhile.LOL



I think this would a be a goody idea, altough i dont see much bad language on the forum is there is any, "giffGaff" could possibly appear on more searchs from a search engine


It sounds awesome, but not the burst your bubble or anything, the higher ups probably don't want the name of the network morphed into a curse word Smiley Tongue because what this effectively does is, rather than replacing a swear word with bleep (which we all know means a swear word was covered up), which has no association, you're inventing a new curse word, giffgaff. So giffgaff becomes the curseword. Its hard to explain, but I hope you get what I mean.


It is an awesome idea though Smiley Tongue


Giffgaffing awesome idea you giffing gaffer.


Love it!




*giffgaffin* yeah! i probably will use dis normally even!