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Virtual Landline Alias Number

Virtual Landline Alias Number

Since the incoming calls are expensive for those calling from landline, it would be nice if we could purchase a virtual landline alias number which would then forward the calls to the giffgaff mobile number.  The cost could be a monthly cost of 5 pounds per alias number.  This would make it easy for people to call those carrying mobile numbers.   Thoughts?


personally i am considering doing away with my land line


with 3 mobiles in house, all on giffgafff,  we will have a good mixture of minutes and texts availible


i can do most my internet stuff thru my phone


and i shall use a 3 or o2 dongle for laptop when needed


it's much more expensive to run a land line than a mobile these days


i think the land line will die a slow death


Not sure whether gg would want to deprive themselves of renenue for £5 monthly fee.

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Like kevvy57 above - we've tried to get rid of our landline. But Virgin media will then increase the TV package and broadband cost by more than the line rental cost. So we've kept it - but never use it! 

Didn't O2 do this and kill it after about 8 weeks?
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Status changed to: Not For Us
As it has had no kudos and negative feedback from the community we will be setting this idea as not suitable.

For people who want to arrange this sort of tthing themselves,there are plenty of other providers.


In general, the monthly fee is less than that, and just per minute fees for the diversion to mobile