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Voicemail charge

Voicemail charge

i think minutes shouldn't be deducted if the call goes straight to voicemail. Especially if people have their phones turned off etc.
Hi great idea. You should put this in the ideas section. Good luck
That's good. Especially when the phone is turned off or like my nan, she sometimes denies the call instead of accepting which wastes minutes going to voice mail

there is an app, called Hullomail that allows to use voicemail.


it can be accessed from a landline or any other phone..


maybe worth a shot?

If you think about this idea in depth, how can the network distinguish between a call connecting to a caller or its answerphone service. Pretty sure it's nigh on impossible, a partial solution would be to extend the minimum ring time to say 30 seconds giving ample time to hang up and/or redial. Even then, calls to a switched off mobile,out of signal, engaged on another call would divert direct to answerphone and use up a minute of calltime.
Voicemail is still a connected call.