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If I ring someone and call goes to their voicemail, I still get charged for a full minute. This seems a little unfair. Is it possible for Giffgaff to work out that the call went to voice mail and if ended withis a few seconds not to charge for it?


I think a lot of networks do charge for leaving voicemails, but maybe it would be a nice 'perk' of the network to have a very little charge, rather than a whole minute?


There may be a simple answer to this - redirect your voicemail to a third party voicemail provider (such as Hullomail) [ ].  This is activated during registration as a conditional divert (using the **004* divert code).  HulloMail will answer all incoming calls if you are not available (phone off/out of coverage), busy (engaged) or you simply don't answer.


As descibed in their blurb:

 HulloMail™ turns your voicemails into “voice-emails” and makes it quick and easy for you to manage them through your email, mobile or the web - whether you’re at work or on the go.

HulloMail™ lets you:
* Receive and play voice-emails directly in your inbox, mobile and the web
  * Get notified of any missed call, even in areas with no mobile reception
  * Take control of your voice-emails – it’s up to you, not the operator
  * Share, delete and keep your voice-emails forever, within a click
  * See who’s calling you instantly from your email contacts
  * Access, view, and manage your voice-emails, all from one place
  * Use the 'send a Hullo' feature, which allows you to record and send short messages to your friends for FREE


As giffgaff is good enough to reward us with free data, it is possible to view and playback messages without incurring any charge!



I have this set up on one of my H3G accounts and it works well.   I have yet to test on giffgaff (this is a little tricky as I do not have O2 coverage where I live!)






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Hi all, Unfortunately we cannot diferentiate between calls going to voicemail or actually being picked up. But we feel with our prices of 8p a minute and no extra charge for the first minute (it stays 8p, unlike for example Vodaphone who charge 20p or O2 who charge 25p for the first minute) it is not really that much of an issue. Cheers, Vincent

@ Vincent


It is an ISSUE if the call happens to be to an international number which charge £1 per minute! 5 second call will cost you £1.


Of cause its an issue, I have just lost 3 minutes of air time on 3x 1 second calls to someone's answer phone. Making the first 3 seconds of the call unaccountable is possible as Orange use to do it and they still might. 8p may be reasonable for a minute but 24p for 3 second is not.


This Full minute charge on answer is a step back to the old days, so much for moving forward.


Voicemail is a brilliant money maker for the operators.  One attempt at communication generates three revenue streams


Caller rings no reply - goes to voicemail - ching!


Called checks voicemail - ching, ching


Called rings Caller - ching, ching, ching


Save yourself some money.  Turn off voicemail and train your callers to send you an SMS if they do not get a reply.


SMSs are so much more convenient and cheaper than voicemail