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Warn and email users they have to setup new recurring goodybag on card details changes

Warn and email users they have to setup new recurring goodybag on card details changes

My bank card was expiring so I added a new card to the billing. I thought no more about it. Then when watching sky go I was inundated by top up notifications. My recurring monthly goodybag had run out and it is not set up again with new card details. U have to add to your recurring goodybag.

I was charged £20 in top ups which I never get because I use the £12 goodybag specifically for the data.

Giff gaff will not reimburse me. The official response:

"As you changed the card details, this effectively cancelled the recurring goodybag meaning it was no longer on your account, and as you had auto top up with no goodybag, your credit has been used for data services.

The recurring goodybag is now active again Gordon and will be taken next on 28/05/2014, but I am afraid that as this was no fault of giffgaff's that charges were taken, we cannot credit this back to your account."

They should at least warn you on web pages and emails of this or simply update the recurring goody bag.

This has happened to me now. Changed my card details a couple of days ago and was surprised that i was being charged for texts despite having a recurring goodybag. I only updated the address of my card, which is realised had been an old one. I wasn't warned when updating my card detail and had nevertheless been told my goodybag was recurring and that I had nothing to do on that end. Had £10 worth of credit and now down to £4!! Is there a way of getting reimbursed? It was payback for spreading the Giffgaff love to friends... Also would be good for a notification to warn not to change goodybag before it has expired. I had no idea this would happen.
Also: I just added a new goodybag using the mobile app and no warnings that changing card details would stop the goodybag recurring have popped up. P.S.: apologies for the typos in my first message above.
Don't understand how it can be so hard to put a little text on their page
I agree Gordonjeffrey. I've just received the goodybag confirmation email and it doesn't say anything to the effect of a warning re changing card details either.