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Weekly maintenance list

Weekly maintenance list

As most people will be aware, I post updates from 02 when they are planning maintenance on masts when they post notices and sometimes the notices appear at short notice.  As 02 are doing maintenance work on masts, it does affect giffgaff customers as giffgaff uses 02's infrastructure.


Anyway as well as adding those that I see daily, I thought it would be a good idea to post a weekly one on a Monday of all the maintenance updates that have been announced for that week. (see for this weeks).


In order for other giffgaff users to find this list could it be they be made as a sticky subject so it appears at the top without users having to search for it?  Saves me and other people having to find it and "bump" it up so it either reminds others or informs people that maintenance is due to take place.

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yes since GG does use 02's masts, i think they should put more effort into informing its GG customers of mast problems, and not leaving it down to its members.

I've no problem continuing to do it, it just would be helpful for other people if they could find particular details easy


Two problems with stickies


1- most people just scroll past them


2- they don't get so many posts on to bump them into the recently updated threads list so they get missed by people that browse topics that way

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This would be needed because it would be lost in the sands of time

Well I posted a weekly list this morning.  All we need now is for giffgaff to agree to make it sticky every week.  It would be so easy to find when trying to assist other members


Yea I think that would be a good idea, as informing members about the maintenance that would take place during the week would enable them to find out if they are to be affected by it or not.


Thanks for all the support so far


Sounds good Smiley Very Happy

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Hi Smiley Happy We're very happy for you and BertieBat to combine ideas and make a thread which we can sticky in Service Updates The member who creates the thread will have to be responsible for updating if regularly.

Woohoo, I have already done this weeks