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Withholding your number. Please disable 141.

Withholding your number. Please disable 141.

I have made the mistake of using 141 to temporarily withhold my number.. The call goes through fine, but your number isn’t actually withheld..

Not good!

Giffgaff, please disable further use of 141 and don’t let calls go through. I have called many a business and only today did I accept my number wasn’t actually withheld. This was realised when one cheeky company called me back "offering" me more rubbish.

For your information, i am now using #31# before the number, which is the correct way to withhold your number on the Giffgaff network.


If you think it isn't working properly, surely a better approach would be to report a fault?


However, I've just done 5 test calls, and it did work, private number calling on a mobile, and the caller withheld their number on BT.


Sometimes using other providers can reveal the number. Perhaps they are the ones to approach about this.


141 does work to withhold your number from a  Giff Gaff sim, just tried it.


141 works for me aswell... 


Have used 141 in the past and it does work

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Section 15.1 of the Terms and Conditions: If you do not want your number displayed on receiving mobile phones, before every call Key 141 before the number you wish to call. Otherwise you agree that our Network may allow the display of your telephone number on receiving handsets. Please note your number will be disclosed in relation to calls you make to emergency services.