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a treat for your Birthday!

a treat for your Birthday!

I think, as already mentioned by other members previosly, we should have a special treat from GG when is our birthdays!! It would increase the sense of community and connection between people within the network.


It could be a little payback award, maybe according how participant the user has been within the community?


It could be a raffle draw, with different prices and everyone wins something... From a first prize iPhone to 50 points payback?


It could be that who is interested in this idea, would pay towards it a little contribution such as £1/month?


I think we can do so much considering the power of the community, it's all about good ideas!




perhaps it would be administratively easier (and avoid using dates of birth which would make giffgaffs systems more complicated and create yet another data field for programmers) to make it your "gifffgaff birthday" (i.e joining / anniversary date) which is already a known and used field.


Sorry to say that I am broadly in favour of simplifying giffgaff rather than making it more complicated.  I would rather it focussed on cutting costs to be able to offer best possible pricing.  This sort of suggestion, while fun and lovely in many ways, adds an extra level of administrative complexity which needs to be paid for.


Would you rather your monthly spend increased by £1 a month, £12 a year, and then you got a £10 'birthday present' or would you rather your spend didn't go up in the first place?


That said, your idea could be the basis of loyalty recognition (e.g. £2.50 payback extra a year for each year you are with giffgaff, so £10 at your fourth anniversary, subject to a minimum spend or other similar sensible requirements, and dispense with a lot of the arbitrary payback nonsense). 

top cat

It has always been my view that giffgaff is generous enough to its loyal members. 


We have very competitive pricing and free giffgaff calls and texts. In addition, how many networks give the equivalent of £5 for every sim distributed and activated ? 


And having seen the revamped Payback proposals and what astonishingly generous rewards helpful contribution to the Community will bring to loyal members I am doubly astonished that there are still ideas around to cream off yet more.


So in case you haven't already guessed, I can't support this idea.  


Maybe the people who keep asking for birthday presents shoudl read JRR Tolkein.  When a hobbit has a birthday party, he gives presents to everyone else, not the other way round.