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ability for users to create help topics

ability for users to create help topics

How about the ability for members to create help topics such as this one that are endorsed by giffgaff as it were - that way more people could find out info quicker - and perhaps less misinformation on the community as well.


Obviously there would need to be a way to police this - maybe meeting a minimum criteria such as minimum 1000 posts/length of time on giffgaff/rank or a mix of all three. And then after you've met this criteria it could be then reviewed by a educator - now the educator could either decline or edit terms of time it would be quicker to decline but maybe if there's one or two issues they could edit it - to the discretion of the educator lets say! 


So yeah, what do people think?


some of the help articles were indeed drafted by a selection of members

rocket scientist

Good idea!

But isnt this done already?


This has already been done, I'm not sure how giffgaff go about doing it, but some members helped create the help pages.

Hmmm...well perhaps giffgaff could make it a bit more public then? That way they'd get far more interest I'm sure!

The community will be approached if they need people to write their articles. Many were done last year by the community and we were paid 500 points each to do it, which is perhaps quite an expensive way of maintaining the FAQs, especially when there are so many help pages.


hmm...well im sure people would be willing to do it for much less tbh! if you had an area where you could submit ones...and then maybe just 100 payback points for selected  ones? or maybe even free? just as a way of helping towards the community and could help push you up a payback band? Smiley Happy


I like samsams88's idea, it would be realy good. 100 points sounds fair.


i mean its only a quid but it would definitely encourage people to help out more Smiley Happy

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This Idea has unfortunately not received much support in over 3 months and has not reached the magic 10 kudos needed but if it does it will later be revisited. ^_^ Thanks so much for contributing to the Ideas board and I look forward to your next idea. Kind regards, Hazel
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