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festival promotions

festival promotions

this is just an idea but was thinking if gg had a stand at some of the major (or if that is expensive the smaller) festivals. inside your stall could hold competitions and give away free sim cards and promotional items. It could be run by volunteers. i feel this could be a good place to promote. thanks


i volunteer to do glastonbury and the v-festivals!!!!

There is nothing to stop u doing this all u need is a stall your not selling anything Smiley Happy

The problem with volunteers is that those volunteers still have to be paid for to attend the festival, making it a few hundred quid every time giffgaff venture out. Easier thing to do would be to ask which members are going to which festivals, and stock them up with SIM cards to give out for free.

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This is a similar idea but based on promotions please see hazels comments Thanks for the suggestion