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giffgaff Roadmap

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by tortoiseshell ‎12-06-2011 08:21

All the time we tell people on here that, for example, BBS is coming soon, auto-renewing goodybags are coming soon, etc. etc., whereas we often have only very vague ideas from giffgaff's blog as to when it will really happen.


giffgaff also have a tendency to for projects to get delayed Smiley Very Happy


My idea is to have a giffgaff Roadmap on here somewhere. This would give details of all the updates that giffgaff have already announced (so no competition worries) together with the planned timescale to imlementation.


It should be updated each month as naturally priorities will change, projects will slip, and new projects will be added.


If I know giffgaff, I'll bet this roadmap already exists internally - all I'm asking for is the detail on projects that have already been announced is published on the forum.

Status: Not For Us

23rd May 2015 - Hi folks, we're updating all our Ideas before the New Platform, and this has been in Under Consideration for a while, with only 27 Kudos in 4 years. It's not something that will be following us to the New Platform but hopefully the Release Notes which are published on a Wednesday go some way in letting members know what we're working on. 


I agree, Would be nice to see when rolling goodybags are added Smiley Happy


i think its ok, giffgaff are in no hurry so whats the point Smiley Tongue

Great idea, they could use ballpark estimates so people don't expect features at specific dates.

There is some roadmap in giffgaff towers apparently  (though might take up most of a wall - and I don't know how easy it would be to get onto a webpage).  


The idea is sound in principle - it would be helpful to see this to better identify possible enhancements to the service and where accepted ideas might be refined.


It might also help in starting to give possiblitiy for some categorisation of ideas to finer granularity - e.g. Voip', 'service notifications', etc. (which would make it easier to find duplicates etc.).


It should also be used to improve project management - when a tech solution is about to be implemented, there should be a 'last' call for related ideas which might be implemented more easily at the same time. 


 giffgaff is 'network run by you' - but It's kind of hard to have a hand in running a MVNO when don't have the roadmap / programme/project breakdown.



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This Idea has unfortunately not received much support in over 3 months and has not reached the magic 10 kudos needed but if it does it will later be revisited. ^_^ Thanks so much for contributing to the Ideas board and I look forward to your next idea. Kind regards, Hazel
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was not aware of this idea at all until I read a duplicate this morning. very good idea

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