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giffgaff free skype!

giffgaff free skype!

Hello ,

I beleave it would be a great idear if giffgaff could add skype some where along the lines . Abit like 3 have got ? It would be a great thing and it could bring more people over to giffgaff from 3.


( i mean free skype , not pay for skype like skype alredy offer.)



but there are already contracts between 3 and Skype, which might preclude arrangements with other companies


in any case, some people would speculate that Skype gets more from it than 3 does


Yeah to be honest @andy0 I would think it's more of a no win system. You can't make any PSTN calls on 3's Skype service (only free calls) so Skype doesn't really make much money.


Can't personally see much benefit to this. None of my contacts are currently on skype and it is no benefit to Giffgaff, likely to deprive them of revenue for calls.


In my experience the "free" Skype on 3 is pretty much unusable as the sound quality is dreadful. One of the benefits of Skype on a PC is how much clearer the calls are.



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Skype on 3 is reliant on the handsets, which is something we can't do for obvious reasons. We are looking at other ways to implement this in the future however.

You could always download the app.  I have a Nokia 5800 and use Skype on Giffgaff.  Yoy get the same options that you would have got anyway on 3


...since this thread has sprung back to life...


@andy0: some people would speculate that Skype gets more from it than 3 does


A week or so back "3" reported doing extremely well from Skype and although the details are open to interpretation industry commentators seem to agree. It looks like they've sucked in a lot of users who want Skype and those users are, as claimed from the start, more profitable - they make more calls overall.


Looks like "3" are doing very nicely from it, probably better than Skype are, though Skype are also happy with the deal so far. Comment from Skype strongly suggests they simply won't sign up with companies like giffgaff, they need more brand support than gg can offer and they're being very selective about how many networks they'll work with in each territory. "3" already have the UK market.


I think there's little to no chance of any official tie in to Skype from giffgaff. Gating into Skype via a 3rd parties SIP-Skype gateway is probably the only option.

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Hi Jamie, this idea is still under future review, but I'll keep you posted when it hits our roadmap!

Whilst giffgaff might be able to do something with other providers, which has been mentioned on other threads, I wouldn't foresee it with Skype


However, although posts above indicate that both 3 and Skype seem to be happy, it is a potential loophole, which enables some people to have free use of a mobile platform without either of them making any money, and pay a separate provider for calls at much lower tariffs than either of theirs, even free, using a fraction of a penny worth of data per call.

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The members have spoken and unfortunately this isn't what they're looking for right now. We love ideas so don't be disheartened, try again - we look forward to it! -