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Hi gaffers,


I had a hunt around the forums - and while there are similar ideas to this, I think this one is unique. It's not the same idea as


Could giffgaff not have an Ask an agent live support feature, where a live private chat could be opened with a member of staff? This way, private problems could be solved a lot quicker - such as number porting problems and activation issues. It would also be a very quick way to report network issues to staff.


It wouldn't have to be online all the time - just when there are people in the giffgaff offices. 


It also shouldn't cost very much. There are options such as Livezilla ( which are totally free to implement. 


I just think it would allow people to talk to support much quicker, without having to introduce call centres.


It's a nice idea, but when you use Ask an Agent the response times have always (in my experience) been very speedy.


Wont you have to pay someone to sit around all day on the live chat?

Wouldn't that be like a call centre?

GG are trying to keep costs down and emails can be answered any time of the day or night or when someone has time unlike live chat were someone has to be their all the time. 


Sounds like a bit drain on resources and I must admit I have found the existing responses to ask an agent and PMs to be very good.

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This is not suitable as it does not scale very well and simply becomes a callcentre which uses chat rather than calls. If there are more people wanting to ask questions they'd come into a queue, which is something we want to avoid. Hence we have the email system in place. People get an answer within 24 hours. Often much quicker, but at least they don't have to wait, twiddling their thumbs before an agent is free to talk to them on chat.

are the agents volunteers so only do part-time when they want to so can't guarantee when they'll be online?.  I have had an enquiry and it took 2 messages and 48 hrs to get it sorted.  Each message was not responded to until the following day.  My enquiry is still being sorted and I just want to be able to speak to somone now [community can't help as they can't tell me who the sim belongs to].  Have just sent off the question, will see how quick they are this time.  All I want is my old number connected to my active sim.


If agents are paid employees, I can't see why live help is a problem.


Some people are online all day long.


Pay me and train me, I'll do it.

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