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goodybag for a non smartphone

goodybag for a non smartphone

There's a lot of people who don't use a smart phone
And I've realised that there's no goodybag for that. If they buy the for example £10 goodybag then the 1GB data will go to waste.
So there should be a goodybag without data just MINUTES AND TEXTS like for £10 1000 mins and unlimited texts

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This is also a great idea because students who have access to wifi whilst in halls and around their university do not need data and it is very slow to load a webpage in some areas too which makes it an unnecessary expense.

But 500 minutes on payg would cost £50, plus texts at 6p each so providing you use the phone it still represents good value at £10 in my opinion.

Just don't use the data, simples. Nothing 'goes to waste' in reality.

The text and minutes are still good value.


We don't need any more Goodybags, especially not at the same price points as existing ones. It just causes confusion with folk accidentally buying the wrong ones even more than they do now.


Sorry, not supported.

It is exactly the same for smartphone users where the 500 minutes go to waste.
Can't see why not... After all it's the data that costs
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I quite like this idea......who wants data if you don't use it or don't have a capable handset?  Some people just want a simple phone - Voice and Text.  **I will admit that; now I have a smartphone I would not give it up easily!!!


Might work well for parents who want their kids to have a phone; just in case, but don't want the phone capable of using data.  Or small businesses where contact as opposed to data is required and costs need to be kept low.


Come up with some funky names; Kiddibags, Goodybag Jnr......busybags.....!








a good idea, a kudo from me.

Talkbag, or callbag? If a £10 goodybag with the calls and texts removed is £7.50 for the gigabag, how much should the calls and texts cost without the data? I recently had to pay for a £20 goodybag with unlimited data when all I wanted was calls. Only used about 230 minutes, but I needed to be sure that more were available without starting a new goodybag.