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goodybag options..

goodybag options..

right here's my idea don't know if this as been put forward before...


we call 43430 to top-up on our phones once you top-up with your credit we have to go online to buy your goodybag, why not have the same option for the goodybags on your phone without the need to go online...



press 1 to top-up with the amount of credit you want after you have top-up

press 2 with the option to buy your goodybag on your phone


like this for the £10 goodybag press 1 followed by the # key to pay with your airtime balance


then for the £15 goodybag press 2 followed by the # key to pay with your airtime balance

& so on


so we have both options online & on your phone without going online...

similar stuff has been mentioned before but I like it.

that actually sounds kwite good..

but i still prefer it this way

its been mentioned quite a few times. I know a lot me people would want this but giffgaff don't seem to be interested

i have read this on here and looks like its down to money to set it up.


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Status: Not Suitable

We've decided not to pursue this as an avenue to top up. Instead we will continue to focus on the web and on getting fully functional on mobile devices as well as expanding the work we've done on our IVR system (IVR = press 1 for top up by card....).



I ate the FAQ
Status changed to: Idea Vault
Sorry but this has been suggested before (please search before posting ideas)


sure giffgaff could look at this again as alot of members would want this option..


i click on the links above & the one above is about via text as this is not..just so we have both options online & on your phone

I ate the FAQ

@mrcool073 duplicate ideas don't get looked at, so the only way to show support is to comment and kudos the orginal idea.