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iPhone 5c Colours

iPhone 5c Colours

Howdy gaffers,


Now giffgaff stock the iPhone 5c, its super easy to get a hold of the iphone. However when I was looking at the website, browsing for a new phone something stood out to me.


iphone colours - apple


Above are the colours that Apple sell, the colours are taken directly from the apple website.


iphone colours - gg


And here are the colours that giffgaff advertise. There are two blaring differences. 


  • The Pink
  • and The Blue

Now the pink isn't an issue as its more that Apple aren't showing the correct shade, even if giffgaff's is a little on the bring side.


My issue is with the Blue:


iphone blue comparison


There is quite a contrast in the colours, and even more so if you look at the actual colour of the blue iPhone 5c


iphone blue


So my proposal, rather than having the current shade of blue in the small coloured box, change this:


iphone colours gg.png


To this:


new iphone colours gg.png


So that the correct shade of blue is advertised. As at the time being it looks like the phone should be purple. So you can imagine my disappointment when I realised it wasn't in fact a nice purple shade, but in fact bright blue.


A simple change is all that is required but it would ,make things much clearer.


Thanks, please support with a kudos if you think the change is necessary.


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Woo go Sara ... A soon to be an implemented idea!

@t_will  - I have to agree with @gordie10 - this seems a bit OTT.


If the colour is wrong, why not just crack on and get it changed? Why not just take a copy of the colours apple use on their web site and you should be good to go.


IMHO this should have been fixed without fuss a month ago Smiley Indifferent

handy giff-staffer

@gordie10 @cim You're right, it's a change that should go through fairly smoothly, but nonetheless, when different brands work together, you have to be careful with changes like this. Different companies want their products represented in very specific ways. For example, Apple may have a specific colour in mind to represent each phone colour, that would be different when showing them as a solid colour as opposed to a gradient, so it's worth confirming with them so that we don't change it to something that's different, and then have to change it again.


More than likely it'll just be a quick discussion as you say, quick confirmation of the details, and then we put the change in, but it's always a good idea to make sure everyone with a stake in it is agreed before going ahead.


It's the same with giffgaff, by the way - did you know that we have a specific set of colours that we use for the pixels in our brand advertising? Have a look next time you see some Smiley Happy








to something like 




(which is at least one of the numerous colours Apple have used on their site to represent the blue 5c) - hardly seems a big deal even if you have to do it again later but I suppose gg's change system is not geared up to just dive in to the code and make small tweaks like this?


I suppose the danger of asking Apple what to use is they will say "please use a graduated colour like we do"  Smiley Wink




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Status changed to: Working On It

19th October 2014: This idea is being set as 'Working on It'. It's something we really wanted to do, and frustratingly, it's just not possible to implement. The Blue colour is a generic one that is used across the site, and to update this one individual piece is a big amount of coding work. We know how important this member experience was to you, so after exhausting a physical change we looked into adding some information to the page to explain that the colours might not be representative. This is also impossible for reasons beyond giffgaff's control. At the moment we are investigating changing the text in the phone description to let members know about the colours, and we made sure the pictures of the actual phone are reprensentative as well. 


We really appreciate this idea, it's support and how easy a change we all thought it was. We're doing our best to satisfy the need behind this idea and get that information out to members. 

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@hazel22 thanks for the update, its a shame its not an easy solution but I'm glad its being looked into as much as possible. Any product should be represented properly and a colour of a phone such as one specifically marketed as a "colourful" phone needs to be right.
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Hey Alice, thanks for your understanding comment. Everyone I've mentioned this idea to internally has assumed it would be an easy change too, so it's been quite frustrating following it all through but really impressed with how much members of staff have worked together to try and find solutions so we can still do what we can Smiley Happy



For a quick-fix/temporary solution, I'd assume this could be added to a relevant stylesheet:


div.handsets-container ul.handset-color-set {
    background: none repeat scroll 0% 0% #40B1EB!important;

div.handsets-container ul.handset-color-set {
    background: none repeat scroll 0% 0% #F15399!important;



("!important" being a little assetive, desperate hack-o-fix, of course...)


Shouldn't really need much coding at all, in theory... Then I am no expert on large-size, busy websites. Still, if this can't be easily fixed (to everyone's consternation, as mentioned by @hazel22), I do feel sorry for the giffgaff devs.


(a guess: someone, somewhere in the office is cursing Lithium? or is it something else?)


EDIT: cim kind of got there first, I haven't noticed earlier! And with spirited commentary too. Kudos Smiley Happy


If coding the colour swatches is such a big deal then why not just put up a row of small jpgs of the back of the actual phones?? Just like the originator of the idea did with the large jpg of a blue 5c!!


Why not use a picture instead of your hard coded wrong colours, otherwise if you can't represent the actual colour, don't even try, just state the colours, otherwise you're misrepresenting them.