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Would it be possible to use free minutes to make prmium rate phone calls at an increased rate?  For example, if a premium rate number costs 50 times a standard rate, it could use your free minutes at 50 free mins per min.

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not sure if this has been posted before but I think there should be temp bans from the foum for people who post silly question

one of the question on the help section of the forum was titled I need a nurse please halp now wether he ment medic nurse or nurse to help fix a problem with the phone or account I don't know I will assume medic nurse but it wasts time for other people

Status: Not For Us
The stupidity of a question is entirely subjective, so we do not want anyone to feel alienated because they may have asked a question that others did not like. As has been said, if a question is pointless or in the wrong section, the educator team can move it.
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I've been using giffgaff for 3 month now and Its a great network, I travel to europe quite alot and when there I have to use my vodaafone SIM because it gives me 25MB of data for £2 a day ( midnight to midnight UK time) I also have red online that orange also offer 25MB worth of data for £3 per day, so why don't we introduce such offers on giffgaff. 25mb would suit 99% of customers,


going back to vadafone again here, they currently offer a vodafone passport product, basically it gives you the ability to use your bundled minutes and texts anywhere in the EU for a 50p connection charge.


so say you ring your mate, you pay a 50p connection charge, than talk for an hour and it costs just 50p, as you have used your included minutes.


So I'm proposing the following.

EU daily data rate £3 per day ( midnight to midnight UK time ) for 25mb of data


and some kind of giffgaff passport where you pay a small connection charge 50p or so, then have the ability to use your goodiebag minutes.



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e-top up cards

Status: Idea Vault
by 1hale ‎02-01-2012 15:22
Lately we been having loads of new customers with activation problems. Well to combat this giffgaff should allow O2 e-top up cards to be linked to our phones. We phone a free 43431 number and input both our e-top up card and sim card activation codes. Then we visit a newsagent or supermarket and swipe our e-top up cards and bingo sim activated. Then our new numbers get text to us. Also existing users can activate an e-top up card in the same way. Also being O2 e-top up cards saves giffgaff money any they are freely available.
Status: Idea Vault

which has a Status: Not Suitable As giffgaff is completely online getting people to sign up is essential as that is the only way to get support. Without an account it is not possible. Other networks have a number you can call, as we don't we need account details in order to help you.

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multi numbers on one account

Status: Idea Vault
by sn0wie ‎01-01-2012 16:17

Potentially I would like 3 mobile accounts and an ipad account, however need 4 seperate accounts at the moment.  Would it not be more efficient and a lot easier to manage and pay for credit if it was all managed and paid for under one account?

Status: Idea Vault

This has been suggested a few times (please use the search facility) Smiley Happy

which has a Status: Not Suitable Hi all, This idea is currently unsuitable for giffgaff as it is very costly to implement from the backend. Our systems were never designed for anything like this, so to implement it would require a complete overhaul.

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There are a small number of issues raised within the forums which seem to go on forever one such case is sangif's number transfer problem which has at the last check 151 replies.


My suggestion is that when forum responses reach a pre-definedFast Tracking limit they will be fast tracked to first an Educator and if thought serious enough passed on to an Agent. In order to maintain a certain amount of control it would have to be responses from other users and not from the author of the post which would trigger this (otherwise we could all create posts just to have the urgency raised). 


This would help reduce tension within the forums and show that Giffgaff are taking their customer's complaints seriously while doing something about it.

Status: Not For Us
The educators try to pro-actively do this as much as possible, and the implementation of this could be tricky, as a number of threads are larger because they are places of deep discussion, which we at giffgaff love.
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valid sim checker update

Status: Idea Vault
by puregangsta2k10 ‎30-12-2011 23:38

     i have recently been alerted to a way of checking your sims are valid here ( and find it very useful in making sure i do not send faulty sims to people but i feel that this page could be greatly improved by showing which account these unregistered sims were ordered from. great for microgiffgaffers in making sure they are not sending other peoples sims out which is not uncommon if they are sent the wrong sims by accident.

     For exaple i have recently received 3 sims which i did not order or want and as such i threw them away but if my suggested idea was implemented i would have checked these sims were not linked to my account and if they were i would have kept them thus reducing wasted sims Smiley Very Happy

     Every little helps and giffgaff already have access to this information otherwise how would they know who to credit when a certain sim is activated. hope this idea helps a lot of people and not only microgiffgaffers it should also help those who just wish to handout sims to friends. please comment your opinions below Smiley Wink



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Monthly Statement

Status: Idea Vault
by samsters14 ‎30-12-2011 12:15

Although GiffGaff is very good and i am impressed, I think that if every month you got emailed or it said in the section "My GiffGafff", the different numbers you have called/texted and how much they have cost. This will help many people work out, why there credit has suddenly gone from £10 to £5. Many other phone companies like Orange do this and i think if GiffGaff did this it would make them even better. For example i had £15 credit and suddenly went down to £11.58, i have no idea how I did this and if after this month I got a statement showing that i had a 2hour call with someone then I would understand why I have lost £3.42.

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I have tried searching for this idea but couldn't get an specific search results.
I think to end myths about a 20GB Internet ban.
And a daily unsafe ban of 2-3GB
Giffgaff should clearly label the limit to their 'unlimited' Internet offer as the word ' UNLIMITED' has been unfairly abused and cliched by the rest of industry to mean that it means fair usage policy and data caps.
Therefore Giffgaff should abolish the word for a number. This would resolve a few issues and be more beneficiary for Giffgaff

-Newbies wouldn't post how unlimited is unlimited?
- Giffgaff wouldn't be categorised with all of the network providers so more people would be tempted to their numerical value deal
- Put an end to confused users who have been banned for usages varying from 12GB to 40GB

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Credit Transfer

Status: Idea Vault
by henryplumb ‎23-12-2011 17:47

Hi all.


I have two accounts with giffgaff; one for my phone and one for my iPad. I earn all of my payback on the account linked with my phone. Last payback I earn over £80, I do not have a PayPal account and therefore cannot take my payback as cash and I take it as credit. This means I have over £80 credit. I would like to see an option which allowed me to transfer say £10 or £20 over to my iPad so that I can buy my gigabag and be happy! Smiley Happy Otherwise I have to keep topping up my iPad and I end up with loads of credit on my phone because I don't get through a huge amount of credit.


Just a thought! Kudos if you agree Smiley Very Happy

Status: Idea Vault
Sorry, appreciate the extra phone/iPad dimension but the idea of transferring credit between sims has been suggested a few times. All link back to
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Pay by direct debit?

Status: Idea Vault
by drlatheef ‎20-12-2011 12:40
Hi all,

Wouldn't it be much easier, less error prone, more cost effective of you can pay your goodybags by direct debit?
Here's the link on the advantages of it-
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For a business that relies so heavily on their website for business, the user interface could be improved a lot.

Status: Not For Us
This idea would need an alternative design or strategy to be considered Smiley Happy
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GiffGaff app

Status: Idea Vault
by ash2291 ‎12-12-2011 20:44
Hi i was just ask by a good buddy why doesnt giffgaff have a app....its quite interesting concept as there could be more marketing more people joining, you could top up on the app buy goody bags help the community.....and so an iphone and android apps
Status: Idea Vault

There are already some apps made by contributors but an official one is on the way

Please can you use the search facility as should be done before submitting ideas Smiley Happy

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Locked Service Status Area

Status: Not For Us
by ethelking ‎11-12-2011 00:45

Having been with giffgaff now for a while, there do seem to be a fair few of issues which (quite rightly) cause customers hassle - whether it be "updating goodybags" messages appearing for days on end, loss of service generally or other issues.


When an educator posts a service update everyone replies - and the debate starts up, which I would suggest is actually counter-productive and fuels the legitimate argument that giffgaff is perceived as slow to report issues (and progress made, or otherwise) to members.


For example, if an educator posts that giffgaff are aware of an issue and are taking steps to sort things out, I am sure the community does not want me replying to the post "Thanks for the information", or "This isn't good enough, this is not what I pay for etc). It dilutes the thread to a point where you must sift through hundreds of replies concerning service issues just to find out the relevant update from those in the know.


So, to summarise - have an area of either the forum or My giffgaff which is purely for service updates which is not ediable by the community other than educators and giffgaff as a company. Members would still be able to discuss the issues on the forum, but official service updates would be protected from dilution. Updates from educators will not be hidden in pages and pages of replies from the community.


Just my two penneth worth! Smiley Happy

Status: Not For Us
We do, as much any affected members, know how frustrating having an issue can be and while this idea does make sense from one stand-point, we would never want to inhibit the opinions of members in these times of need, and often, posts can be helpful to others and very occasionally to the tech team. I hope that makes sense Smiley Happy
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If this has been suggested before I am ever so sorry, the search button has vanished on my phone???<br><br>Ok my idea is simple but would need to be worked on as an extra feature, it is a way to reduce pressure on agents.<br><br>I would like to think some of us (i know I am) a complete fanatic and would be all hands on if the chance arose.<br><br>***the idea***<br>A user ran live chat (called something like mini agent) whereby a chat is open through specific times and when someone wants support they click a button (with how many 'helpers' are on and they are connected to a helper.<br><br>You could then give the helpers either some pre-set answers or guidelines to answer common issues.<br><br>***what if a helper can't help*** have an option for the helper to refer the case, adding all details of the conversation to a message ready for the full agents to deal with- potentially getting information in advance reducing agent times, letting them get on with anything else.<br><br>***How could these 'helpers' be chosen***<br>How about a system like the microgaff incorperation, people have to reach minimum requirements such as; answers accepted as solution, rank etc, this way you could test if someone is trustworthy.<br><br>***incentives???***<br>Not sure why anyone would want an incentive for me I would do it free in spare hours, but I'm sure for some, payback wouldn't go amiss? I dont know? Any suggestions?<br><br>***The idea is too big?***<br>I undertand this idea may be rejected due to it being a fairly big project but surely the benefits could weigh out the cons?<br><br>***preset messages?***<br>By this I mean from what someone says to you you can get a general topic such as connection issues, then specific like Android connection issues, bam click an option and a preset message is sent, only refer to an agent if there is no preset answer.<br><br>***why this idea***<br>With recent stress on the agent system a 'middleman' might be a good way to replace a call center system, these helpers can ask for related information and send dialouge to an agent when refered saving time if an agent requires more information.<br><br>It also means silly options that could have been posted on the forum don't clog up the system and after helping the mini agent can educate them about the forum, maybe also an auto response option.<br><br>FEEL FREE TO CRITISISE THE IDEA, WE ALL LEARN FROM CONSTRUCTIVE CRITISISM
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Capitalising on SIM send outs

Status: Not For Us
by dmg1 ‎07-12-2011 22:57

OK, so now i have sent sim cards to a few of my friends and family.  All seem very keen when i initially mention GIffGaff.  When the Sim arrives however, it often does not co-incide with then end of PAYG minutes and people don't want to lose them.  Therefore they delay signing up.  When they come to the end of the minutes, they forget about GiffGaff - its fallen down the back of the chest in the hall etc.


Why not have some sort of reminder service so that when you get a sim sent, you can click to have a further reminder sent (by text for example).  To maintain momentum and increase the chances of a sign up.


I dunno about anyone else but im getting disheartened.  People could really be saving money on GiffGaff but its just getting over that first little bit of inertia...


Status: Not For Us
I can the logic behind this, however, we feel that a reminder is not necessary and want our members to talk us up to their relatives Smiley Wink
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Giffgaff have stated that unclaimed payback points no longer automatically become paid out as credit by default.  Instead they will roll over to the next payback period.  If still left unclaimed, they expire.  This is my understanding of how the system will now work; if it is wrong then the whole idea falls apart, but this is what I think now happens.


My idea is therefore very simple: allow the points to expire if they have already rolled over, but the points should be redistributed amongst the members who have actually claimed their payback.  This should be done in a proportionate manner.  It would be unfair if giffgaff were able to keep the money that they otherwise would have had to pay to people who have helped on the community.

Status: Not For Us
As payback is a positive feature anyway, we do not feel that we should need to ass more payback onto those who have already claimed it, and the money that is not claimed after 2 payback handouts is either used in charity handouts or goes towards maintaining the business, so it is helping members in one way or another. Smiley Happy
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Phone Selling Service

Status: Idea Vault
by zoui21 ‎06-12-2011 18:30

I'm not sure how complicated this would be, but what if Giffgaff also provided phone selling. Some member's could rate some of the best options, and maybe Giffgaff could team up with Carphone Warehouse or some other company to sell Sim-Free phones.


I think there should definitely be a section of the message boards to tell the community about phone promotions, clearance sales, voucher codes, and phones thhat would be worth getting.


This may be far fetched, but a really big problem I faced when joining Giffgaff was that I had to browse dozens of websites to find a phone that was good budget wise and also gave me the functions I needed, I didnt have any previous phones because I wasn't switching from another network.




Status: Idea Vault

this idea is a variation of  -

which was marked as Not Suitable :

This is not suitable for giffgaff as we try to keep our costs as low as possible, so by not subsidising mobiles like other networks, we can keep our prices much lower.

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sim order ref number

Status: Idea Vault
by cheepnetwork ‎06-12-2011 18:09

I have been hearing that some people have been ordering sims eather to give out or to send directly to someone

but the sims eather haven't turned up or are late in turning up and no one seems to know were thay are I was thinking

what if when you order a sim you were able tag a raf number to it example (abc123) then if you wanted to find out were your sim was you could click on your recruts box and type this code in and it could say somthing like (satus) in post

companey's like DHL use the same thing if you order from the likes of three/BBC shop

I know at the moment we get news feed when a sim is ordered but it can be out of date and emails don't allways go through on time.

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Quick Summary:


Looking to create a gigabag with a bigger allowance, which would close a gap in the high end usage of the PAYG Mobile Broadband Market, as I do not know how much it costs giffgaff to provide data to the gigabags, so I leave the final decision to the giffgaff team.  Options and Features bellow:


Option 1 £20.00 for 5GB/5.5GB 

Option 2  £20.00 for 6GB/6.5GB 

Option 3 for £22.50 for 7GB/7.50GB


Features I am looking to apply to this XL gigabag


  • Price Range from £20.00 up to £22.50 (see optioin abve)
  • Affordabillity this bag should be affordable to giffgaff (even if fully used)
  • Give a more generous data allowance to users
  • The gigabag should provide a moderate profit to giffgaff (even if allowance is fully used)
  • Something for the high-end data users