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top up

Status: New Idea
by jamesbrannigan1 ‎27-05-2015 15:16

National giffgaff day - 25th Nov.

Status: New Idea
by timwilliams25 ‎25-05-2015 22:26 - edited ‎25-05-2015 22:28

Launched on 25th November 2009 - I think the anniversary of giffgaff's birth should become a National giffgaff Day.


A feature of the day could be 1/2 price calls, texts or data useage... and for those with goodybags, then their useage would also be reduced by 50% on the National giffgaff Day.


National giffgaff Day could also be an advertising promotion leading up to the event.  For people activating a sim on National giffgaff Day they would get an extra £5 credit (on top of any additional credit they would normally be offered when activating a sim on days other than National giffgaff Day)


I realise this would come at a cost to giffgaff but could also have a positive financial effect on the number of people considering giffgaff in the lead up to Christmas, when many people buy phones - so phone sales could also go up..

Advertise Capped SIM Cards.

Status: New Idea
by i_am_sy ‎17-05-2015 21:10
Here's a idea brought to you by the bloke in the pub that I chatted to last night, don't know his name but here goes...

Currently when you do a Google search for Capped SIM Cards you get a few ads and just one result: Tesco Mobile. Well with more and more scary media reports of people being billed thousands of pounds by accidentally leaving their data switched on or using their phone abroad, why not do a bit of SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and get giffgaff up there on the results page. I'm thinking this would work the best with the £5/£7.50 goodybags at the lower end, which I've heard are much better than Tesco's similarly priced offerings. And once we have the possible new member landed on a giffgaff page, we can say something like:

"If you only buy a Goodybag, then when you run out of your allowance it will stop and not run up a bill, and if you have remaining credit, that can be used but once that runs out you will not be charged further."

"With giffgaff there are no shocking bank statements."

Hopefully this would lead to lots of new members that otherwise wouldn't have chosen giffgaff and may have moved to Tesco Mobile.

Please Vote for this idea by clicking Kudos.

Cheers Smiley Happy

The 3-in-1 sim

Status: New Idea
by mighty_cast ‎13-05-2015 17:08
I think giffgaff should send all their current users a new 3-in-1 sim. With instructions on how to do a sim swap. That way should people upgrade later they don't have to worry as they have a usable sim.

Open up the educator position

Status: New Idea
by mighty_cast ‎12-05-2015 19:24
How about opening up the educator position so that members can apply for it, and do maybe 2 hours each day and receive 50% more payback or something.....

Data rollover

Status: New Idea
by tomhaigh93 ‎10-05-2015 11:49
If you have unused data from one month, it rolls
Over to the next month and adds to your new data for that month. After that month it expires and the excess data from that month rolls over.
How about letting us buy giffgaff merchandise with our payback, you know like giffgaff hoodies and mugs and stuff.

Cheaper/smaller 4G goodybags

Status: New Idea
by ohryanz ‎07-05-2015 15:35
I joined giffgaff at first solely for the fact that my monthly bill is small for my phone (18 quid) there are times i wont use my phone for a whole month, so no need to get a goodybag, so i wont spend 30 for something i didnt use because of WiFi. There are months i rly need my phone, so large Goodybags or medium sized such as the ones you have are perfect. Then there are those months ill need to occasionally use my phone. I used to be fine with 3G, getting a small minutes package and Internet package... But i dont get that on 4G.i love giffgaff for its amazing customer service and the idea of separate bills for phone and goodybags.

But i feel like a minimum of £12 for 4G is ridiculous, especially because 3G is so awful now. To be honest, a £5 goodybag with like 100minutes, 200 texts and 200mb would be amazing (or something in that arena) nobody rly texts anymore. I joined giffgaff for being versatile with what would pay depending on my activity. Sure i can get a 3G goodybag, but 3G has become so awful that i barely actually can use it...

rollover minutes

Status: New Idea
by djecho ‎07-05-2015 14:17
Why don't the minutes rollover to the next month when you don't use them ....I think its only fair an unlimited internet customer I wouldn't want to get a cheaper goodybag as you don't get unlimited internet....

top up using PayPal

Status: New Idea
by robbiermb ‎07-05-2015 08:29
I think you should be able to top up using PayPal as its very very safe and then more people can top up if they dont want to put the card details on giffgaff

Lend us a quid.

Status: New Idea
by kevstarlive ‎06-05-2015 22:23
You know how it is. You're just about to run out of credit and you really need to send a text to a non giffgaff user saying you're going to be late. Or perhaps you need to make an urgent call about tonight's party. That's why, giffgaff should provide a lend us a quid service. Meaning, if you've got less than 50p on your phone, send a free text to giffgaff and they will lend you a quid until you next top up. The quid is then required to be paid back on top of the next top up. So if you was to buy a £10 goodybag. You will be required to pay £11.

Each lend us a quid should only be used once per topup. So if you run out of the extra lent quid. You will not be aloud to lend another untill after you pay it back and run out of your next lot of credit.

Also. If the quid is not paid back in 30 days. Giffgaff can charge a late payment fee of 50p.

Well I know what your thinking. What if they do not pay it back. Well what sort of friendly giffgaff user would not?

Please please please agree to take this up.
Thank you
Kevin Hopwood.
Passionate giffgaff user.
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New design, new logo. Maybe a comp?

Status: New Idea
by neilwin ‎06-05-2015 17:17

I see a new design has come into place, looks fresh. So I was wondering if it's like a rebranding or part of a whole new look for Giffgaff. Maybe a new logo or font is the next thing.

If so, why not run a competition for the members to design a new logo? Get everyone involved and award a great prize to the one who makes the best one? (I say a great prize because I know how much a new lgoo can cost a company)

Recycle your mobile for cash or payback?

Status: New Idea
by simpsonnth ‎04-05-2015 09:08 - edited ‎04-05-2015 09:09

Hi there,


I've seen some mention this but not in this kind of way. 


Basically the idea is that if you have an old mobile that you could either:


1) Get Money off a new phone

2) Get Cash or Payback on recycling your old phone


I think the best way to do this is shown below in the picture:


This would be great to see the potential money you could get before even selling it.

It would also be great to have a page that shows used/refurbished phones for sale.


Let me know what you think!


Kudos this if you think its a good idea! Smiley Very Happy


New way to top up

Status: New Idea
by eric16 ‎22-04-2015 09:01
I think that Giffgaff should add top up cards like other companies do. This would be beneficial for people who don't do direct debit and use vouchers. It would be good to walk in a shop pay and swipe a card and your done.


Status: New Idea
by robbiermb ‎22-04-2015 08:38
When you top up £10 you should get £1 paypack

Better prices

Status: New Idea
by eric16 ‎22-04-2015 08:31
Instead of having free Giffgaff to Giffgaff calls when you top up completely remove it and lower some of the goodybag prices by about £1.50 to £3 I am sure a lot of people would like this.

giffgaff community choir!

Status: New Idea
by mighty_cast ‎10-04-2015 07:28
why not? I think it's a great idea!

giffgaff business

Status: New Idea
by jakesweeney ‎09-04-2015 15:54 - edited ‎09-04-2015 17:34

Why don't giffgaff allow businesses to have giffagff to have unlimited texts or/and unlimited internet they could charge more and giffgaff would most likely get more business companies by small and maybe big businesses. Also giffgaff could do deals in bulk for big businesses


Status: New Idea
by liamnkrysii ‎08-04-2015 18:07
Sorry if this has already been posted but i could not find it, i thought this idea may be a good result for people who do use paypal frequently.

massive giffgaff Skype event!

Status: New Idea
by mighty_cast ‎08-04-2015 06:35
so how about we have a giffgaff open day but on Skype, for those like myself who are geographically challenged? :-)

I think it would be cool!