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Recurring goodybags on new accounts - Let the members decide!!!

Status: Implemented
by andreww ‎27-06-2013 16:31 - edited ‎28-06-2013 10:25

Hello giffgaffers


It's been suggested that this is raised as a formal idea to get a sense of the strength of feeling around this possible solution to an issue created following the latest site upgrade: 


"Recurring Goodybags

  • Members who activate a SIM with a Goodybag purchase (via credit/debit card) will now have auto-recurring switched on by default."


A number of members feel this isn't the giffgaff way of doing business.  We prefer to set a higher benchmark and let members make an informed choice, rather than accidentally buy something they didn't actually want.


So, my idea is that new members get to make a proactive choice and have to tick one of two boxes, (rather than giffgaff assuming they want the same bundled product every month).




- Tick this box to choose this goodybag/gigabag for one month only




- Tick this box to recur this goodybag/gigabag every month until further notice



That way members can get the best customer experience and convenience, without feeling conned into something they didn't want to do.


What do you think, should we:






Based on feedback from @nate37 - it's also important to support the tick box choices with some wording to make it clear that whatever option is chosen is not permanent and can be easily changed at a later date Smiley Happy


And that if possible a link to the Knowledge Base article on recurring goodybags would also be useful too Smiley Happy

Status: Implemented
This has now been implemented in that the automatic opt in option has been taken away on registering Smiley Happy Thanks for the great idea, and the fantastic support.

MyGiffGaff app widget

Status: We’re Looking Into It
by joeblackwell ‎23-06-2014 22:20 - edited ‎23-06-2014 22:21

I'd like to see a widget added to the existing Android MyGiffGaff app that could be pinned to the home screen of my smartphone and would give me a quick at a glance view of my usage, without having to open the app specifically.


Ideally it would be resizeable, or have several size settings so it could be as small as one grid on my homescreen, or a little bigger if I have a little more real estate available. I've mocked up an example using graphics from the existing app as to how this could look.


I know that Apple is introducing widget functionality in it's upcoming iOS8, so perhaps this could be incorporated in to the iOS app ready for the new release also.


Widget app



Status: We’re Looking Into It

5th August - Please see full update from our Head of Ecommerce here.

currently if you are just a payg customer you only get 3g data as standard. 

The only way of getting 4g on payg is to buy a 4g bag and then afterwards if your using credit for data you continue to get 4g unless you buy a 3g bag then it reverts back to 3g by default. 

So my idea is simply make it that if the member has a 4g device that when they activate there new GG sim using credit for data gives them 4g by default. 

After all gg's data is very expensive to use on payg so it's only fair that members get there money's worth! 

Your comments and suggestions are welcome and don't forget to kudos the idea if you want to see it happen! 

Thanks for reading  Smiley Happy

Data rollover

Status: New Idea
by tomhaigh93 ‎10-05-2015 11:49
If you have unused data from one month, it rolls
Over to the next month and adds to your new data for that month. After that month it expires and the excess data from that month rolls over.

Allow SIM swap after SIM reported lost/stolen

Status: Not For Us
by ace of spades endorphin ‎16-08-2013 11:32 - edited ‎24-08-2013 10:09

This idea is to enable member's who have reported their SIM as lost/stolen to do a SIM swap.


Currently if a member reports their SIM as lost/stolen they must wait for the replacement SIM and they cannot do a SIM swap.


In some cases the replacement SIMs are very late to arrive and some are even lost in the post.  It would be very convenient and more helpful if instead of having to wait for the official replacement SIM they could do a SIM swap with an unactivated SIM (either one they have lying around or one freshly ordered).


 This idea goes hand in hand with

Status: Not For Us

19th May 2015 - Good Evening, after further discussion we'll be setting this Idea as 'Not For Us' - where the technical limitations still apply, we do now send Lost/Stolen Sims 1st class, so this should have resolved many of the cases that inspired this brilliant idea. 

online account statements

Status: New Idea
by chris2293 ‎06-04-2015 16:16

online account statements


this would benefit alot of us ,we would like to know who we talk to the most, what we use our services on. phone calls, texts, and internet


just a simple statement at the end of each month telling us who we have text,called and what we've used our internet on


because it will all be online it shouldn't cost a thing as theres no paper so its no extra cost.


i have at times looked at my balance on my account and have had missing minutes and texts any i would like to find out where they have gone, ive had people text and call me who i dont even know. people who i dont speak to. this statement would be also good for parents to keep an eye on their childrens usage. what do you guys think post your comments below suggest more ideas. Other networks offer this service 

At carphonewarehouse you can do payg upgrade
EE tmobile orange vodafone others allows their members to upgrade
So my idea is
Giffgaff should allow us to do payg upgrade with carphonewarehouse or giffgaff it's self (like 20% off on selected phones basic ones mostly)

Another simple idea I've been thinking about is keeping the 500 minutes on the £10 goodybag. 

At the moment everyone who is on giffgaff before March 31st will get 500 minutes if they ever buy this goodybag just because they joined GG before the promotion ends. 

Common perception of this offer is you need to have brought this goodybag during the promotion period to be eligible for the 500 minute offer, but this is incorrect, you only need to have an active account before the offer ends. 

So that means already over a million giffgaffers have this choice already so think what will happen when people who join after March 31st only get 250 minutes whilst others are getting double them for the same price!  

Now I know it was a special offer but I can just see trouble ahead for giffgaff and all the members that provide there time in the help forum when this offer stops and people want to know why there mate gets twice the amount of minutes for the same price. 

Also I believe the £10 goodybag is pretty much unbeatable in the current payg market so attracts a lot of new customers for giffgaff. 

If it only had 250 mins, well not so attractive!

So over to you?

Status: Implemented
Thanks everyone for this, we've been able to secure 500 minutes on the £10 goodybag permanently. You can read more about it here;

Purchase bags (goody/giga) and credit via 43430

Status: New Idea
by 1hale ‎27-09-2014 18:27 - edited ‎27-09-2014 18:58

I know this idea been posted before HOWEVER this idea spelled out how to make it work.

You dial 43430

You press:

1 - For credit
2 - For goodybag
3 - For gigabag

Then you press:

1 - To pay by airtime credit (or redeem a voucher if just buying credit)

2 - To pay by a credit/debit card (only if you previously purchased the bag online)

Then you get asked to press:

1 - For "Yes I have a Blackberry"
2 - For "No I do not have a blackberry"

Then you press (option depends on which bag you are buying²):

1 - For "£5 Hokey Cokey"/"£5 gigabag"
2 - For "£7.50 goodybag"/"£7.50 gigabag"
3 - For "£10 goodybag"
4 - For "£12 goodybag"
5 - For "£15 goodybag"
6 - For "£18 goodybag"

Then if you are paying by card you are then asked to enter the 3 digit security code of the stored credit/debit card.

Bingo you then receive a text message confirming purchase of said bag.

² = If answered yes to owning a Blackberry then bags would be correct price for goodybag + BB add on.

With the new £10 GB looming i think we need a new USSD Short code for finding an up to date figure for monthly data usage or remaining data usage in current GB.


Hope this is helpful to some peeps (Especially those who dont have access to specialized Apps to help monitor their data usage)

Status: Under Consideration
This shouldn't be in Under consideration, so just changing it over - This should be doable, but will require some investigation from our end. Thanks for the idea! We're currently investigating. I will grab you guys an update Smiley Happy

International Goodybag

Status: Not For Us
by scareydevil ‎22-04-2010 21:23

As I mentioned in another forum section, I propose an international goodybag... where you get text bundles for sending texts abroad.  Basically like your fiver bundle you have now but one that enables you to text abroad.  Perhaps one with calls too though a text one would be better for me!!

No other networks offer this (as far as I'm aware) and giffgaff is already one of (if not the) cheapest networks to text abroad so this could be a big seller.


Status: Not For Us

[11th Feb 2015]: This idea has been set to 'Not For Us'


Taking this to be defined as an 'International Goodybag' (you are in the UK and calling abroad) and not a 'Roaming Goodybag' (You are abroad and calling somewhere else) this idea is underfortunatel Not for Us. After calculating potentially offerings, we couldn't create an international goodybag which is cheaper than our current PAYG prices. This is due to the varying amount it costs to call different countries - to cover the cost of the more expensive countries, the goodybag would have to be expensive to cover the cost, or very limited in allowance. We will continue to keep our PAYG international rates as cheap as we can, and we are still exploring options for a Roaming Goodybags. We recognise that a lot of our memberbase has family and friends outside of the UK, and we'd love to continue along these lines. We can't do a goodybag but if you think of something weird and wonderful, please do submit it.

Have SIMcard activation code printed in braille

Status: We’re Looking Into It
by oldyorkie ‎19-10-2013 15:44 - edited ‎19-10-2013 17:23

In light of the discussion opened up by stevie_sg in relation to disabilities, I propose that the Simcard activation code be imprinted in braille to assist those visually impaired.

Braille is not only used by the totally blind, but also those who suffer from partial blindness or other sight issues.


It seems common sense to me to have the number printed as it is now (though darker font would be better Smiley Tongue) and in braille.


A similar point was raised by mwhapples way back in March 2012 that is up for "Future Review", but that concerns sending the activation code via email so that it can be read by screenreaders.


This is suggesting having the ability to "see" it direct from the card or a section of the packaging having the activation code embossed in braille on a tear off section (this bit added thanks to brulaw - as it would seem an easier solution to print on paper / card rather than plastic Smiley Happy ) - Thankyou Bruce!!!


Second (and last) edit - there will be no more Smiley Happy

As a result of cim's input and thoughts, the additional text is now added: Thankyou cim Smiley Happy
Not sure the logistics or costs of this but perhaps a braille printed label or insert could be added on request when a SIM is sent out - and maybe printed in larger characters at the same time for both OCR and increased legibility for those with vision impairment


Thanks for reading, and hopefully any support offered for this will go a long way to improving Member Experience, which is the aim of Stevie's thread Smiley Happy

Status: We’re Looking Into It
Hey folks, just to update you on this Idea - the current status is that we are waiting on a consultation with a member from the RNIB, which couldn't unfortunately happen before Christmas. But please be assured we're still passionate about getting this Idea implemented.

Type in your country and up pops the pricing index

Status: Implemented
by big cheese pinkcalculator ‎21-05-2013 15:23 - edited ‎22-05-2013 07:06
Simple ideas come at the most strange moments as I sit waiting for my new fangled waxing device to work it hit me.
Yesterday I was doing quiz 3/5 on the bronze badge. I had to keep referring to the pricing index to make sure I had the correct answers.
Today I though well why can't I just type in the name of the country I want and up would pop the correct pricing.
How many of you could be sure what prices would apply for Turkey or Australia they both are often quoted wrongly.
I'm not too bad on my Geography but what if you make a mistake on who's in the eu and who's not, that could be costly.
As I say it seems simple to me hopefully you'll all like and support the idea and it might even be simple to be implemented Smiley Very Happy

Oldyorkie had a very good comment that can add much more to my basic idea

"Have you considered that It could even be expanded to a case of selecting your required country from a dropbox and the current prices being shown as soon as your choice is made?
Would save typing the name of the country out if it was already there in alphabet form."
This also has the added benefit of helping those of us who can't spell the country in the first place Smiley Very Happy
Status: Implemented
Hey guys, this has now been implemented in the changes last night - you can see it here - - thanks to everyone who supported this idea!

PayPal Payback Payout Selection

Status: New Idea
by 1hale ‎25-06-2014 22:29
How about giffgaff making it easier for us PayPal payback choosers by making it a one off selection.

To do this you go to the payback widget, choose the PayPal option, enter your PayPal email address, then finally click the "remember this email" option.

Then once every 6 months giffgaff email/text you saying:

Hi (giffgaff username),

You have chosen PayPal as your preferred payback method. We have the following email address on record (email address).

If this address is still valid then you can ignore this email. If not please go to (payback widget address) to update it.

Many thanks,


HOWEVER if you earn less than £10 giffgaff contact you to choose either credit or charity.

text people who buy a 4g goodybag to let them know what to do

Status: New Idea
by revjonty ‎28-11-2014 04:52 - edited ‎28-11-2014 05:16

OK this idea is very simple.

Having just helped someone on the help forum who didn't know that to get there 4g data working they had to turn there data of and back on again. I propose that everyone who buys a 4G goodybag for the first time, gets sent a text message saying something along the lines of:


Wahoo! you've just bought a 4G goodybag!

Just so you know, it can take up to 24 hours for the data to come live.

You will also need to turn your data off and back on again before it kicks in.

Then you will be able to enjoy all the benefits of 4G


Obviously the text of this message needs finessing, but the basic idea would save a lot of frustration for those who haven't read all the information before they purchase the 4G goodybag (I'm sure many don't).


Please support (kudo) this idea if you think its worthwhile.

Night Moderation – A solution?

Status: Not For Us
by jamesd2010 ‎12-09-2011 21:45 - edited ‎05-03-2014 23:58

Hi all,


There have been recent complaints about the lack of moderation overnight on the forum, and while I don’t agree that employing someone overnight just to remove details etc., I feel this idea would work, and would be a lot cheaper too.


The proposal:


When a post gets over  101 reports in a certain period of time, the reported post  automatically gets moved within the hours of 11pm and 8am for review, this could be moved to a ‘quarantine’ board where the post is no longer public, but is flagged to the educators2 when this happens a notification is sent to the original poster that the post will be reviewed at 8am in the morning, and depending on the nature of the post, will either return, or be removed.  



What will this solve?


  • Abuse on the forum overnight (spam, racist content, or whatever users may post)
  • Quick removal of posts with personal details for them to be edited in the morning
  • Shows care, stopping members from moaning about not enough measures taken
  • Gives users peace of mind – knowing their content has been removed and will be looked at.
  • Saves educators such as Hazel22 (and the rest of the team) from getting up at 3am to remove it.
  • Prevents serious spam attacks to the forum
  • Arguments from who should be allowed to edit posts and move posts.

How will this work?


When several users report a post as inappropriate at the times of 11pm until 8am via the ‘report inappropriate content’ link (see above for image) the post is moved automatically and a notification is sent

Abuse – This could easily be abused, but from my understanding the system reports one report per user? So the abuse isn’t there, because only one report from one user will count, not ten reports from one user.


Sounds too complex?


Yes, but from my understanding the basic functionality is there, when you get a new rank, you get an email, Lithium (forum software) triggers this, it’s automated. So the same feature could be applied here. The report inappropriate content links are there, the hidden moderation panel is there where the posts can be submitted for review, it just requires lithium to embed the automation part where posts can be moved automatically.


Thank you for reading this idea, I hope together we can all make this community stronger!



1 – I have chosen ten reports as I find that there are often much more users on at this time, but this could be monitored, and be changed so it could be more or less.

2-  I think this exists already, as in the reports process posts are moved to this area for no one else to see.


 Pssstt... Want to improve giffgaff further?


Don't forget to tell giffgaff what ideas you like best:






Status: Not For Us

19th May 2015 - Hi guys, this idea has been around for 4 years, and whilst we don't want to say 'Never', it's been Under Consideration for long enough that we know we are unlikely to do this in the next year or so. It was something that both Vincent Boon and Gregg spoke to Lithium about, however their focus is moving away from refining their Community Platforms at this moment in time. 

Wouldn't it be easier for giffgaff and better for the users if giffgaff automatically generated a PDF and emailed it to you when you report your phone and your sim as lost and stolen. Would presumably save the agents time. Should be simple for them to set up. The person would then just need to forward it to their insurer. As long as it has a clear line at the start "we noticed you reported your phone/sim as lost/stolen so thought we would forward you this letter just in case you need it to forward to your insurer" then it would be clear to anyone who didn't want it or didn't know about it.

Visible activation monitor

Status: Not For Us
by big cheese pinkcalculator ‎27-12-2012 08:10
Many new members are desperate to active and use the new sim they have. However in their haste they don't check the full details about activation and how long it takes. Saying that its not immediately obvious that it can take upto 24 hours.
So after waiting 30 minutes and 1 second they are off to the forum, fb page, twitter and asking an agent as to why the sim isn't activated, quoting it says "30 minutes on the page "
At this point if I see them I try to link them to this kb article
Which makes it clear that 30 minutes isn't an absolute time. Having this link would be sensible I feel.
Further to having that link available I would like to see a visible activation bar / widget ( suggested from the members in the listening thread) so that they can see where they are in relation to full activation. With at the end it bursting into a beautiful pink message saying
0798547363 is your number welcome to giffgaff ( well you know what I mean maybe not quite so exuberant )
This should reduce the burden on the agents and the complaints I see on the fb page on twitter and on forum.
Possibly also allow a link to a direct agent question ( no messing with subsections ) once 24 is up to have a activation checked.
As usual I have no idea how technically feasible the idea is but hopefully its not impossible and wouldn't be costly to instigate.
Status: Not For Us
Hey folks, since this idea was posted, our activation process has improved a great deal. 94% of activations complete within 2 minutes - most within 30 minutes. So we couldn't justify the amount of resources and development time at the moment that this would cost. Hope you can appreciate this, and hopefully improving the activation times is more satisfactory to developing a tool to see how long it takes? Kind regards, Hazel.

Giffgaff members freebies section

Status: Under Consideration
by kathleen414 ‎11-03-2014 10:42 - edited ‎12-03-2014 17:02


Hi everyone.
Was thinking maybe we should or could have Giffgaff freebies section
Plenty of us get or have unwanted items
Of all descriptions
Or at times we need something.
As we're a awesome community maybe we could help each other out  ?
Maybe even a little donation to our gg charities once you receive your freebie (optional)
Could be a great asset to the community
Anything could be included subject to giffgaffs approval

An old phone or a spare part .
how many times when we upgrade to new phones or tech /games system and all the kits either binned or stuck in the cupboards.
Pass it on and make someone else happy
What do you think ?
We could have local pick ups or posted to be arranged with recipient of the freebie

posted in of topic discussion originally




For clarity added information. 


I understand there are other sites to recycle your unwanted item. But my idea is not to show people were to give the items away but to offer them within our community . Example. I may not be bothered to search out my stuff and use  sites as you mention.. But if see a giffgaff community member who needs an item I may be more inclined to donate it too them.

Status: Under Consideration
5th August - Interesting idea and definitely in our brand values of being community powered and 'mutual giving'. It's not something we can work on at the moment as there are projects in the background that need to come first, but it's certainly something we will make a business proposal for. We'll keep you updated.

make gg offer open to all members!!?

Status: New Idea
by bmw4175 ‎04-03-2015 22:37 - edited ‎04-03-2015 22:40


This idea as suggested by @n4tz got me thinking that this whole offer and the way giffgaff have gone about it is all wrong! 

To anyone that doesn't know the offer is for some members that have been selected will get 1000 payback points for each activation they get in the month of March instead of the normal 500 points we get. 

Now I understand that there will be reasons why giffgaff have decided to use only certain members but I think this offer totally goes against what giffgaff stands for and is separating members as some are getting 100% more for the same thing which is unfair to any members not selected! 

So a simple one really..... Please try and work fast and make this offer open to everybody and start it again for these members. 

Surely it's a win win idea one for giffgaff as they'll get more new custom and two all members will be happy they've been given the same opportunity as the others to take advantage of this great offer! 

Right thanks for reading my idea and I welcome your feedback and comments and don't forget if you want to support this idea and see it happen then click the orange kudos! 

Thanks 😀


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