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So, those members who are active in the help forum on the full site may well have seen this image on the right hand side of the page:




Its not doing enough!!!


The demise of 2020 was announced in this thread on the 15/4/14 ... but still members are helping out in the forum saying text 2020, over a week after the death of 2020, helpers should not be giving out dated information.


So what can we do to help stop wrong information being given to people who come looking for help?


  • put an announcement banner on the top of the forum on the mobile site, this was done for Earth Hour and often done to promote the ideas forum ... SO utilise the methods available to promote the fact 2020 is no longer the answer!
  • send EVERYONE a PM if logistically possible, and if not PM all members who have taken the bronze quizzes. 
  • make the current Announcement banner appear more often, across the whole site!



We shouldn't be seeing members giving out wrong and out dated information to members who need help!


So please show your support and lets get "The demise of 2020" visible


As always feedback is appreciated and please Kudos if you wish to support the idea


Thanks for reading

Alice Powell

Status: Idea Vault
24th May 2014: Hey folks, again on this - we'd already implemented the Idea before it was posted so I'm moving this to our Vault.

Re: Carry over remaining minutes

Status: Idea Vault
by zborgy ‎18-07-2014 15:43

Obviously been discussed elewhere! but what abt doing what "Tesco's" do where your remaining minutes get carried over to the next few months! Imagine the customers GiffGaff would get from this feature!


Just a

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Mixed 50 Sim Boxes

Status: Idea Vault
by hcovell ‎19-01-2014 23:06 - edited ‎20-01-2014 18:17

Good evening everyone, hope you are all well. My idea is about the 50 sims in a box.


At the moment, when you order a box of 50 sims from giffgaff you either choose nano or dual sims for all 50 sims however I find this can be rather impractical when I use a mixture of both each month.

My limit is 80 so I cannot order 1 box of each so therefore must order one box of sims and then stock up on the other type by ordering lots of sims in batches of three which is rather time consuming!

I imagine this is a problem for many recruiters especially if your limit is only 50 as then you cannot get any of the other type.


As a solution, giffgaff could offer half half boxes with both types of sim card in or even a system whereby you could choose how many of each type you would like?

What do you all think?


EDIT: Very good point by @solid247, this idea will also save postage money for giffgaff, as they could send out the mixed boxes instead of having to send out one 50sim box and many batches of 3.

Status: Idea Vault

23rd May 2015 - Hi folks, I'm moving this to the Vault, because since the introduction of a giffgaff Trio Sim, you guys won't need mixed Sim boxes anymore - hopefully this makes it alot easier for you great MGM'ers Smiley Happy

Right now, call diverting only works with UK numbers. It would be great if GG allowed us to set up call diverting to any number. This would be very usefull especially while one is abroad for a "long" time. Let's imagine you are going to be in France for two months... As everybody knows, roaming charges are pretty high, so you get a "local" payg sim card with a good data allowance for your smartphone. What do you do with your gg sim card? Three options:

1) Leave it at home.

2) Put it on a spare phone and carry two phones with you.

3) Divert all calls to your local french number.


In my opinion,  option 1 is really bad, you will miss all your calls. Option 2 is a pretty uncomfortable. Option 3 is perfect, only one phone to carry and worry about, everyone in UK can reach me without having to know my french number and it's even cheaper than roaming (5p/min vs of 7p/min).

Status: Idea Vault
7th May 2014: This Idea is entering the Vault. This means at the time of posting it wasn't what our Community wanted, however we'd love for you to re-post it as circumstances change and most Ideas are before their time. Thanks for keeping us run by you.

Why cant we have a "no minutes" goodybag for deaf users?

Status: Idea Vault
by moojuice on ‎03-06-2012 23:08 - last edited on ‎03-10-2012 09:22 by hazel22

I have just been chatting to a deaf guy on an internet forum, who really wants a mobile phone tarrif with unlimited data, unlimited texts but no voice calling minutes.


If giffgaff introduced say a £7 goodybag, akin to the £10 goodybag we already have, but with no voice minutes, then it would do the following.


1) It would be a major selling point to the deaf community who understandably don't want to pay for something they can't use. (Along side the fact that all giffgaff support is already web based with no call centres).

2) It would boost the credability of giffgaff as company reaching out to disabled users.

3) Im sure there are plenty of people out there who hate talking on the phone and only want to text and use data.


If you like the idea... give it kudos! Smiley Happy




For me auto goodybag renewal is useless as I use voucher, I want queing back soon as possible.



It would be good to be able to see your the usage statistics from itemised calls, texts and data for past months.

If you can display a usage graph too then seeing both the stats and graph would make it easier to decide whether to change goody bags to save money.




Status: Idea Vault
I have posted before about the problem of accidentally going way over the daily 20Mb for 20p and getting screwed for all your credit balance at the high rate of 20p for each Mb over the limit. It cost me dear last month and I have seen similar members having issues. I have suggested warnings, having an opt in for a cap, automatically being assigned a £10 goodibag etc. The typical response is 'Biy a goodibag cheapskate!'

I do sometimes buy a goodibag but other times stick with Payg usually without a problem. I am typically charged the 20p each day (£6 a month) and limit my calls to GG and a few to other networks. Total cost has usually been around the £7 a month.

The way things are no one would consciously use £100mb in a day without a goodybag as it would cost £16.20. It is so obvious that GG could easily do better and still make good money. What could be easily implemented would be to charge the 20p/20Mb flat rate for outside goodybag data. 21mb -> 40p, 40Mb->40p, 41Mb-60p etc 100mb-£1.

Light users with occasional blips in useage either intentional or unintentional could easily hit the £10 a month where it becomes stupid but with care could keep bills down to the £3 to £6 mark and still keep up with the odd email, whatsapp, weather update.

Simple - fair and easy to understand.

People who find this suggestion of interest already know about the excellent value goodybags so it would be helpful if the 'Buy a Goodybag Brigade' appreciate that this thread is about Light data, voice & text users. Who want to save a bit but still use their phones. In families with several phones, often not all need to have active goodybags and the cumulative savings over the year could be significant.

Quite simply, if you support the 20p/20Mb as being fair and viable, please add some support here. The status quo is unsatisfactory as it is too easy to hit the extortionate rate by accident and ending up feeling ripped off by GG. I've been there and was gutted. All I want is a fair and viable improvement.
Status: Idea Vault
Just a quick idea I don't know if it's been suggested before and if it has I do apologise but I couldn't find it well here is my proposal

£12 Goodybag 350 Minutes Unlimited Texts And Unlimited Data On 3g

I've seen other deals with other networks that are similar so just thought that this would b a good idea
Quick and short Smiley Wink
Status: Idea Vault

Internet messages

Status: Idea Vault
by kurggan ‎17-05-2010 14:07

I think it would be a good idea to be able to use your credit online.

For example if you have unlimited texts you will be able to use them online from the giffgaff website. This would be really handy when you forgot your charger and you're round your mates house so your phone dies. You could just go online and send some texts.

Status: Idea Vault

Moto G 8gb

Status: Idea Vault
by mobilemonkey ‎23-11-2013 13:47
Just a thought - tesco (O2) are offering the Moto G phone 8GB at £99 which is currently sold out. Giffgaff should be offering something similar. This is an important phone launch and an opportunity to really sell the brand.
Status: Idea Vault
This Idea is entering the Vault. This means at the time of posting it didn't reach enough support from our members, however we encourage you to re-post this Idea as reassessing demand is healthy - times and technology change and you never know. Thanks for keeping us run by you.

Please Sell the Moto G

Status: Idea Vault
by kvncltn ‎12-03-2014 12:03

I recently purchased the Moto G 16Gb for myself and would of liked to have used giffgaff's store to buy it rather than getting it from elsewhere.


I've searched and found this idea:


I've supported it but I fear it is too old to get enough support to be taken to an ideas meeting. That is why I started this idea because I hoped a new idea would spark enough interest to either have this idea go to the idea's meeting or get enough people redirected to the old idea for it to get enough kudos to be looked at again.


The Moto G is one of the best budget phones available and considering giffgaff is one of the best networks for value for money I would expect that selling the the best low end and mid range phones would be where giffgaff would do best. It is almost 4 months since the Moto G launched so we are late but it is better to be late than to miss out completely. I suspect that there are still loads of people looking to move from a feature phone to a cheap smart phone that currently use giffgaff and would benefit from having the Moto G offered through their networks site store.

Status: Idea Vault
7th May 2014: This Idea is entering the Vault. This means at the time of posting it wasn't what our Community wanted, however we'd love for you to re-post it as circumstances change and most Ideas are before their time. Thanks for keeping us run by you.

own goodybag

Status: Idea Vault
by mizan337 ‎05-07-2014 16:27
It will be great if we can chose how many mins text and internet we want and the price is fixed by giffgaff. So if someone prefers more mins and less text and internet then they chose that if someone wants less mins more internet then they can do that aswell.
Who agress with me
This will be really great if we can chose our own goodybag
Status: Idea Vault

Amend wording on 'Our Offer' page

Status: Idea Vault
by ouaisne ‎26-08-2011 20:51

Saw this the other day and thought for someone not used to our pricing this was confusing. Imagine a T-Mobile customer seeing this for the first time - thinking gosh giffgaff charge 25p a minute to call my mates on O2 - not going there.


I suggest a slight wording change to "Compare our per minute prices with other mobile networks". And perhaps change the link wording at the bottom to "More detailed comparison". Think we need to be crystal clear with no possibility of misreading.

Status: Idea Vault

(UPDATED) New Look Main Community Page - ICONS - Mobile AND Full Site versions

Status: Idea Vault
by styly ‎03-03-2013 12:09 - edited ‎06-03-2013 23:04


(kudos to cinami for the giffgaff pixel suggestion)


ok so in my opinion, the main community page is well in need of a change


there's people posting in wrong sections all the time as they all look too similar


this is just a quick mock-up of what i personally think would make the main page look more appealing and a lot easier to use for newcomers to the site, everyone is familiar with icons nowadays (app looking icons) so my idea is to replace the current 'listing of sections' with a set of 'section icons'


not necessarily the same as what i've done below, this is just a quick 10min mock-up as i said, but something very similar:

- maybe have a little picture on them too (constantly or just when hovered over)

- also i've put the JOIN section at the top as i think it will encourage those just here for a nosey to actually click it



without further ado..


hope y'all like Smiley Very Happy



and a version for on mobile too Smiley Happy

i've put the Knowledge base at the top where the Ideas and Blog currently drop down from, maybe if you click that, a list could come down with all the most important articles in there..?

..i dont know, its just a basic idea, but if the Ideas and Blog CAN be included then cool.. if not then hey ho, leave them in the dropdown and put the Knowledge Base on an icon Smiley Wink



Status: Idea Vault
Today I saw that Shaun was asking about cakes in the daily update, I responded to this personal comment but they can't at this time respond back.
It would be useful if this was enabled it wouldn't be in any way related to any issue or forum matter and only on that thread.
We all know and feel part of the family of the educators and management team maybe it would be good to include the agents.
Its only a small thing but adds to the community element of the forum to include the agents ( in a limited means I know )
I can't see that this would be a costly or difficult idea to implement just need to drum up some support Smiley Happy
Status: Idea Vault

Simcard delivery TIME

Status: Idea Vault
by mizan337 ‎13-07-2014 00:38
A giffgaff sim takes at least 4-7working days to come and its tooo long. How about giffgaff offers a faster delivery. At the moment the 2nd class posting takes more than 4days but if they improve that to maybe 2 days and maximum 3days then it will be really good.
Status: Idea Vault

I think the title says it all

Status: Idea Vault
This Idea is entering the Vault. This means at the time of posting it wasn't what our Community wanted, however we'd love for you to re-post it as circumstances change and most Ideas are before their time. Thanks for keeping us run by you.

So, the title says it all really,


giffgaff already have members addresses and therefore our postcodes.


Scan for 4G availability and when a new postcode receives 4G, email members in that postcode to let them know they can now receive 4G (Phone and sim card allowing).


If scanning postcodes is too difficult to implement, then at the very least inform people when 4G arrives in their area.


Hopefully this will ensure the earliest uptake of 4G possible.


Thanks Smiley Happy 

Status: Idea Vault

That call costs....

Status: Idea Vault
by icklesimba ‎23-11-2011 14:50

When I call an 0800 number on my work mobile (Voda I think) I get a message saying that 0800 numbers are not free and chargable at standard rate and then tells me to hang up if I do not wish to continue...


I have seen an increasing number of threads about numbers that are not inclusive in our Goodybag minutes including many that look like mobile numbers (077444, 077445 etc)...


So my suggestion is that GG does something similar, a short message saying "This call is charged at special rates and is not part of your allowance", prior to connecting the call which will...


1: Stop people being charged unexpectedly for calls

2: Stop people having to remember the growing list of number that are now being charged

3: Stop 1001 more threads starting up on the topic Smiley Wink

4: Allow GG to make changed quickly without everyone having to check threds and bulletins if a new number range is affected

5: Make GG an even better more user friendly provider

6: 1001 other things I can not think of right now...


Smiley Happy


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