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keep the ability to queue goody bags when recurring goody bags are introduced

keep the ability to queue goody bags when recurring goody bags are introduced

Queuing goodybags is one of the unique selling points of GiffGaff, recurring goodybags are not a USP (in fact they are basically one month rolling contracts which most network do).


There is no technical reason that make queuing and recurring goodybags incompatible. So there should be no reason to remove them.


giffgaff have already indicated that they will bring it back soon, I too think it will be useful,

I am all for more options, I don't like it when an option is substituted for another, it should be additional.

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giffgaff have said it's a matter of getting the " recurring " goodybags  implemented , and then they will reinstate " queued "  goodybags  so that both options are available , hopefully the wait for the reinstatement will be a short one . 

@brulaw Have u got a link to that info please ?
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@ solid  ,  sorry  can't find it  Smiley Sad but I'll have another hunt for it , all I can  say is that I definitely read somewhere that  that was the plan . 


@brulaw @solid -- to help you both out mateys:


on 29-04-201212:14 Kim wrote:


Sorry for the slow updates on this one giffgaffers. We've been quite snowed in with operational fixes since the outage. We are currently testing recurring goodybags in our testing enviornments. This feature will be 'switchable' from the 10th of May however we want to allow a few more days for testing in the live enviornment before turning it on for everybody. I will catch-up with technology this week to give you a more accurate expected release date.


As per my previous post, we are taking into consideration your requests to bring queued goodybag back, however  this will not be happening from the day that recurring goodybags is launched. We will keep you updated on this one once recurring is launched.

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Top man  Yorkie ......  Thanks ...... Smiley Happy


No probs ... you're more than welcome Smiley Wink

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yeah i agree we need both options avail to users
Agreed and supported. It's not progress if the original feature is substituted for another.

You have my vote  - Smiley Happy - The problems and displeasures being expressed over this come as no surprise to me..... Smiley Indifferent

Back on the 28th of Feb , I said this ... (it was ignored...and I was accused of being negative...)


Queuing a goodybag is extremely popular with members who purchase with both credit/debit cards and vouchers. And I would imagine the biggest majority of giffgaff customers (myself included) use the voucher system to top up their accounts.


To simply ignore this by removing both the option to queue and allowing no facility to pay for a reccurring goodybag with anything other than a credit/debit card is going to do so much damage to the currently fast-growing customer base ... not to mention those of us that are already time-served as it were.


I suggest a serious rethink must definately be done with this whole concept, because what could have been a masterstroke has the potential to be a massive flop in both marketing terms and customer retention.