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line up more than 2 goodybags

line up more than 2 goodybags

i for one think it would be a grteat idea if you were able to line up , lets say 6, goodybags so peple dont have to worry about topping up. this would be almost like a contract, without the hastle of having all the complicate dparts and tie downs with a contract.


hope it a good one

I like the idea mate. Only problem is your free GG to GG calls only last 3 months.

i think the GG free calls shoudl last up to 3 months after your goodbag "line-up" runs out Smiley Happy

I like it - but I am pretty sure it is a duplicate (did you search) so I am not going to kudos.

I totally agree, you should be able to line up as many as you like, would definatly be a hit.

Yes I agree but this has been suggested before and i think it got rejected

top cat
top cat
This is just the same as being able to autorenew goodybags, but expressed in a slightly different way Smiley Happy

i didnt see that one so i'm sorry Smiley Happy


although gg to gg calls run out in 3 months, the goodybag option allows you to have the free gg to gg calls