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make calls to nepal free for some time..

make calls to nepal free for some time..

a suggestion by another giffgaffer here..


gave me the idea to suggest that giffgaff should make all calls to nepal made via giffgaff free.. for at least a week..


i spent money on giffgaff trying to contact nepal yesterday.. with no success.. just ended up getting charged without getting connected at all..


now, i know that few pounds isn't much.. 


but if giffgaff were to show some support to all the nepali expats living in uk who are giffgaff users like me.. would be so much help and a sign of great solidarity .. in this time of desperate need..


sincere thank you to all those who will support this..


p.s. there are several ways to lend a helping hand.. i'm sure people have heard of international red cross and other similar charities which are doing such a great work in nepal right now.. 

I've supported your idea but suspect giffgaff won't even look at this for a long time and will probably be to late. Good luck tho
I hope it gets accepted, even a little bit of help is still better than nothing
@crinkes worth a try though i think @bluepineapple we need all the help, especially a lot of kudos to bring giffgaff's attention.. just to add, several other network providers across the world are already implementing measures by offering free calls to nepal.. few such examples are vodafone australia, t-mobile usa and viber with viber out feature being made available at no cost..
Hope they do consider this.
people can find out more by following #PrayForNepal on various web search engines and social networking sites.. as to what has been happening since the earthquakes, how people have been affected, and what help is being offered by the international community.. also, huge thank you to the uk government for giving financial aid of £5million so far - to support relief work in nepal..

The current price to call Nepal is 10p to a mobile (same as to a UK mobile on PAYG) or 12p to a landline (same as a UK 0845 lo-call, if they haven't been broken by the earthquake).  Text is 8p, and MMS is 24p.


In an emergency situation I would expect the phone lines to already be overloaded, so free calls may not be wanted by the local networks that are struggling to keep their system working.


I heard on the news that there are so many planes delivering help that there isnt enough airport capacity for them to be able to land.


I'm right...

I like this idea, In the name of aid, I will support this idea. Even if there was a limit of maybe one week of free calls to loved ones and friends to see if theyre ok.. Am sure as navvy says is probably correct and true,

A very sad situation and very worrying times for families abroad.


I hope your Family /Freinds are safe and OK...





@navvy - it is true and i agree that the networks are overloaded.. and this will continue to be the case for several days, weeks and months.. regardless of people getting charged, many will keep trying to contact people back in nepal.. my point is that.. many like me will have been unnecessarily getting charged for failed connections, or just connection charges for failed calls.. and, as i have mentioned so many of the network providers globally are doing great service by offering free calls to nepal.. but not a single network provider has come forward in a similar way.. if giffgaff were to do so; many people will see giffgaff as trying to do good for people, to do something that's right.. and people won't forget this.. especially nepalese people who may or may not use giffgaff right now.. and could be prospective users in the future..

I appreciate what this post is about, but I can't see giffgaff implementing.  Suddenly there would be an influx of people acquiring gg sim cards to simply phone nepal for free.  I think it would need to be capped in some way.

I support this in the name of charity: The rest is up to giffgaff.