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mobile giff gaff

mobile giff gaff

can we get a mobile verson of the website so we can use the forums all the time...



I agree, that would be cool.

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Status changed to: Under Consideration
Hi all, We are considering this, but it's the price tag attached to it, which is holding it off at the moment. At the moment it is too expensive for the amount of use it would get. If there are many people out there who would like this, then give kudos to this idea, so we can better gage the usage numbers. Cheers, Vincent

hi vincent.. do you think we can put this to a proper vote coz the problem im running into is if im not at home i simply cant top up... giff gaff NEEDS a lend us a quid feature like o2 or have a mobile giff gaff site, even if just for the top up page.. £1 at the internet cafe for a 30 second browse to top up my phone was not cool


im not about to leave giff gaff over it.. next time ill just plan myself better but im sure a mobile page would make life so much easier for everyone




Even if a full mobile version of the site is cost-prohibitive, it would be useful if the site could at least be made mobile-friendly, since in most mobile browsers it seems that the forums can't even be viewed as the text ends up the same colour as the background so essentially you just have a page of black boxes as the background colours don't render properly on mobile browsers.


Maybe you could just implement, for now, a mobile page that only lets you top up and maybe a few other basic functions like activate a sim.


It sounds good to me. 


WOW are there  changes underway already?? accessing giffgaff on my mobile goes to a nice splash page which looks like its gonna turn into something fantastic very soon! keep us posted!


IMO best option would be to ditch lithium and migrate forum to alternative, such as SMF, which has support for mobile version of forums. (and normal version better anyway, and offers everything current forum engine can do and more).  It's free, and migration should be straightforward, even if don't have access to lithium database and have to use harvesting.


This is my first post after discovering giffgaff and requesting a SIM last night, but the whole idea here sounds great! Particuarly as 3uk announced price increases to PAYG yesterday afternoon!

This would be a very important feature. To have a portal similar to Planet3 where I currently am, would be fantastic.

Obviously without the services tab, my the My3 bit shows remaining credit, how many texts remain in your free allowance, you data usage or internet add-on exiry date and the ability to use your registered card to topup.

the portal obviously identifies your sim and brings up your account without the need to log on.

If a simplified version of this could be done, I can't see how this would not be a winner.

I maybe wrong, but suspect that top-ups can't be done by buying a top-up at a retailer or by cash point, so I think GG need to open as many channels as possible and this would be one of the easiest.

I saw referenced elsewhere there maybe an API being developed? Could a portal be a community built effort using an API? Maybe a competition for us developers out here ;-)

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Hi beaker,


First off, welcome to the giffgaff community!


We are very interested in feedback and ideas that our community has, and have changed a lot already because of feedback we've received. For us it's important that the community lead the way, and we're very serious about that.


So yes, a community built portal was indeed exactly what I was aiming at!


You recon the only way to get this off the ground is by way of competition?