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monthly review

monthly review

the monthly review you get with GG through email could you also send a msg to the phones to save having to go on email Smiley Happy

wouldnt be able to fit as much detail but maybe a more compact version


Do you mean that the GG team could send an sms to your phone to tell you what the best plan plan for your phone is? If that is true, then this is a nice idea you have come up with. kudos to that

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yes just a little info in a text about what u used, how much u saved etc.

I would have thought there is far too much information in the email to get into one text, but I suppose you could just have highlights...I don't think that checking your email is that difficult or time-consuming though, so I can't see gg making the extra effort to set up a text system


I already get mine on my phone - by email. Easy peasy. (Need stronger glasses tho to read the small text!)

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This is because as the 'mobile network run by you' we can only consider ideas that have 10 or more Kudos and yours did not receive that in over 6 months. Your idea will be revisited if it receives 10 or more at a later stage though! Thanks so much for contributing to the improvement of the community - it is appreciated Kind regards, Hazel.
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