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price plan

price plan

three offer price plan 321 


3p mins

2p a text

1p data 


with 4g as well



Who agree with this giffgaff need offer this 

ace of spades
Now that's what I call good value.

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Value Smiley Happy

Yet another 'gimme more for less' idea?


GG prefer to encourage their good value GoodyBag use I think, instead of pure PAYG credit use.


3 mobile operate their own network whereas GG are a VMNO. So it would likely be unsustainable for GG to offer PAYG rates as low as that.


not supported 


What? Just copy 3UK? lol

3UK were very clever when thay came up with that offer, breaking it down into individual pennies makes it look really cheap.

That deal might look good but isn't really that great to be honest.

That would mean just 1 GB of data would cost you a £10.24p alone so unless you stuck to 1GB of data or less and just a reasonably low use on texts and calls, you'd lose out.


Take giffgaff's £18 4G goodybag for instance. Just with the data you get up to 5GB of use... on the 321 plan, 5GB would cost you £51.20p. Then the 1000 minutes would then cost you £30 on the 321 plan, plus the costs of texts, lets say a conservative 200 in a month at 2p a text, so thats another £4


So to recap, on the suggested 321 plan, giffgaff would charge you £18 for a 4G plan of 1000 minutes, unlimited texts and 5GB of data, and the equivalent on a 321 plan would total £85.20.... suddenly the deal looks less attractive.

Now I know that you would be paying for what you use and not for the potential of what you would be allowed to use, but realistically, I bet over 80% of gg customers would be worse off and only the ones that don't really use their phones for anything other than people being able to call them would benefit.






Umm...........3's 321 offer is for PAYG users and comparing it to giffgaff's goodybags is extremely misleading much like gg not including it on their PAYG price comparison Smiley Wink


A fairer comparison would be giffgaff's goodybags versus 3's all you can eat plans!

Three of them can afford to get their services at those prices and giffgaff raises prices for packages because he believes that it is not enough. Giffgaff was good in the beginning, as they were lower prices for packages, etc., now it is the inflection. Smiley Frustrated

It's only really a good price for a very low user.

Sorry but what's inflection?
Good value