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"Emergency Button" - Increase visibility of slow to solve issues raised with agents.

"Emergency Button" - Increase visibility of slow to solve issues raised with agents.

I'll keep this idea simple so as not to dilute what i'm trying to say:


When people raise an issue with agents, there should be some way to draw attention to issues that are taking an excessive amount of time to resolve, or those that are very high priority. 


I think a good way to do this would be to add an "emergency button" to the ask an agent section, something that once activated allows the staff at giffgaff to know that this specific issue is taking longer than it should to resolve, or is of very high priority to the end user.


Such a button could be invisible until a certain deadline has passed, say 5 days, then once it is active and pressed by the customer, it could place the issues into a seperate queue in the agents systems, so that they are aware that these specific issues are high priority and need dealing with. 


This could replace what people are used to when dealing with call centre based companies.... many companies know call centres don't speed up issues being resolved, but give customers the sense that they know their issue is being dealt with. Obviously we don't have that with giffgaff... and I think this creates a sense of unease for people with issues taking long times to resolve. 


Just to clarify this "emergency button" would not be on the forums, but it would be part of the system for issues raised with agents... that customers can click on once a certain amount of time has passed.






There is a way. Contact an educator. Everyone tends to consider their case an emergency so I think this would just result in this being abused. Rick.
Well no it would not would it as he said it would come available after a set amount of time I agree with this as I think some people do get forgotten about

I see what you're saying Rick, the point really is to give a sense of power back to the customers. 

When you have an issue raised with a standard call centre based company you have the option to call them and reasure yourself that the issue is being dealt with. 


The emergency button would simply be a way to flag that the issue has been open for an extended period of time without a response from an agent. Like i mentioned it wouldn't be available until issues had been left standing for a predetermined amount of time. 




You can reply back again on the support thread.


Indeed you need to if it reaches about a week since the last comment, as otherwise it will close 

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