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"Posted from..." - Bring it back

"Posted from..." - Bring it back

The observant among us will have noticed that the "Posted from..." that appeared at the bottom of a post made from a mobile device has now disappeared.
The not-so-observant will have missed it Smiley Tongue
This is actually quite annoying - and restrictive to the helper - when people had problems before and you could see if the message was posted from an iPhone or an Android etc it was much easier to suggest the solution in some cases. Now we have no idea what device unless they mention in the OP (which they rarely do!)- a real pain Man Sad
And the dreaded multiple c&p settings for every phone under the sun have reappeared as a result Man Frustrated

As an additional observation, I've also noticed that against my username and avatar on the full site, I had enabled my mobile phone info to be displayed on the forums by going to preferences>personal information >mobile phone and typing in LG Nexus 5 32gb -...

That's also disappeared - despite still being current in my preferences??

My suggestion is simply this :

Bring both back.... Please Smiley Tongue

giffgaff; ergo sum
Seems a resonable request and easily fixed I support this idea
I was born right here

Giving the right information ( assistance ) is quite often helped  by  this ( now missing )  information being available in the OP's post , Idea  Supported .

Hmm. I'm not so sure. 1. It was never available on mobile site anyway, leading to confusion on threads and inequity between helpers. 2. There was no guarantee that the question being asked was related to the phone being used to post the question. 3. Half the time (Ok, probably rarer) the wrong model, phone or even make was posted - lithium take on user agent unreliable at best. So while I'm supporting the idea, as the discussion certainly valid, I'm less convinced than Neil that we're not better off without it!
I have a feeling lithium detection system was getting further and further flawed or they have a software issue somewhere. But otherwise, why kill a good system that only had room to get better. Thought they were even getting better as more devices were added to the database. In any case, you have my kudos! Bring it back giffgaff!
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Supported I think it is a benefit to someone seeking help if the person putting forward a reply is doing so from the same device. Maybe gg need to automatically include at least the device that the reply comes from. Possible? From imei ? Willie
Supported. Sometimes I think common sense is severely lacking at giffgaff.
Not sure if this is really an idea or just a bug that should have been raised. It matters not; you have my support.
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Looks familiar Smiley Tongue ......Supported Smiley Wink

Thanks for the support guys Smiley Happy

@philiplittle40 - yes I accept it wasn't available in mobile view (from a phone), but it was displayed on the tablet as that used full site by default, and a computer. It definitely helped to narrow down the root cause of an issue.

@mappjh - it may well be a bug Smiley Happy. I was in two minds whether to post in contribute or in here... Either way, it raises the profile, but I'm more than happy to have this moved to contribute if it turns out to be one Smiley Happy

@andreww - haha... I did post in a certain thread to explain the familiarity Smiley Tongue Smiley Very Happy

Absolutely, definitely, supported...