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"You cannot have two active SIMs"

"You cannot have two active SIMs"

Considering that many people now have multiple devices and therefore need multiple SIM cards, I feel that the SIM activation pages are very unhelpful and need to be more user friendly and intuitive, thereby improving the member experience.


As it stands right now, a member with an existing SIM entering an activation code whilst logged/logging into their account is greeted by the SIM Replacement (SIM swap) page, with the very unhelpful statement:


"You cannot have two active SIMs. Activating a new SIM will deactivate your current SIM." 


The member then has the option of continuing with a SIM swap, or backing out of the process. This results in members doing SIM swaps when they really wanted to change their number or register a second SIM, or backing out and not knowing where to go from here. This does nothing for the overall member experience, and causes members to become confused or frustrated by the whole process, and possibly them spending ages searching the knowledgebase or asking in the community.


The idea

I feel that this process could be much improved with a little modification to the current process flow, so that when an existing member enters the activation code from a new SIM they are presented with a series of option buttons or links, each taking or guiding them towards the correct path


For example


 I want to: Action
Move my number to a new SIM  Starts SIM swap procedure
Activate a replacement SIM  Explanation before starting SIM activation
Activate an extra SIM for another phone/device  Instructions to activate SIM on a new account
Change my number whilst keeping the same account  Instructions to change number via agents
Have an additional SIM on the same number  Explain this is not possible and give alternatives




  • Better overall member experience
  • Reduction in erroneous SIM activations, therefore reduction in cancellation requests
  • Reduction in Help & Support and agent questions relating to SIM activations


If you would like to see this idea implemented, please support it by clicking the kudos.png  button at the top-left of the idea


As for the thread title, it is a direct quote of the screen that is being suggested should be improved. How is that in any way misleading?


In fact the point is that this text is wrong, you can, you just need to use a different user name. Perfect title I would have thought.

"You cannot have two active Sims" Guess what these are not my words @andyhurley but the thread authors headline.

Exactly, which is why it's such a good title.



It is in quotation marks so it is very clear this is not the OP saying this but wanting to comment on the quote.


@jaymailsays The Nokia is a PAYG, so I think it should be OK?

@andyhurly It mislead mw into reading the thread which is a form of gaming if you think about it.
@sylje I kinda mean't locked to that Network.

Totally agree the sim activation pages need to be more helpful. I used them yesterday and was met with an extremely unhelpful message.



I agree with the above. It would improve the Giffgaff experience. I use a dual SIM phone with two different accounts for different purposes. It makes life much easier and I don't have my pockets full of phones.
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Status changed to: We’re Looking Into It
Simple Idea for great benefit, this is brilliantly laid out - thanks Figment and everyone who supported it. This idea has preliminary gone pass our Head of Member Experience and our Member Experience change champion. Next steps is to be scoped as a project and prioritised. Thanks again. Nice One.
Well done hazel22