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remove the font size button?

remove the font size button?

im all for people personalising their replies with different fonts and colours but when it comes to size some people put them up over double the size of everyones elses and it just makes it a bit distracting (not to mention more scrolling for the rest of us!) would it be possible to take it off or is it a lithium thing we cant change?


Sam Smiley Happy

I agree I want fount sizes to be banned mainly in the comunity help forum. There is a certain user that puts their reply normal size then edits it and makes it 5x bigger five mins later. WHY? I find it really annoying as I mainly use the iPhone app. Scrolling through the community with stupid size text is not needed. Personally I would put it in the same category as all caps which is shouting. The conunity guidelines don't allow all caps so why allow stupidly large text? Which I would also class as shouting

I agree with samsam88.

The font size application is seldom used properly (although I recall Joshaw has, in the past, made particularly good use of it) and we would generally be better off without it. There are less 'shouty' ways to express emphasis or enthusiasm on a forum.


The Wordsmith


I dont think that they should be banned alltogether, they should have a restricted size instead of 36 how about just limit it to 18?


still 18 compared to the normal 10 says shouty! and is just annoying!


I'm with samsam & dragon on this one... It's too much like shouting... completely unnessary (& this is only 14)... If people need glasses they should use them not shout


yeah and making one message larger isnt really gonna help them either! you need to make everything zooming in


typing in upper case if frowned upon as it is likened to shouting, so what is the difference between typing in upper case and using a larger font. not a lot as far as i'm concerned. i see no need to use a larger font, if you want to highlight a word then just type it in UPPER CASE

Here we go again.. So annoying someone editin the posts making them huge. If We wanted the writing to be bigger we have settings for that, or maybe a visit to specsevers? Sorry but this is annoying. They are even putting ask an agent 5x bigger and the op doesn't even need to ask an agent.

I think it's a good thing to have... It does add personlity Smiley Happy


everyone has their opinions i guess but i just think not many people use it but those few who do abuse it by putting massive fonts on!