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star the 2gb 4G goodybag early

star the 2gb 4G goodybag early

it's clear that Giffgaff will release a new 2gb goodybag at the end of the 4G trial as it's been public ally mentioned. Why not get more trial data and keep more people in 4G by releasing this bag as a trial now?

That's a good question but I suppose gg must have their reasons eg concern about bandwidth capacity or profitability. They certainly know people want more data, there have been numerous posts asking for it.


Perhaps the ability to buy a new goodybag early may address the lack of larger data allowances somewhat (albeit at additional cost of course) when that is hopefully rolled out at some point in 2014: 


OK that would work out expensive if you run out of data half way through the month but if you are just a few days short then maybe not so bad?


I think it's a good idea as 1 gig would appear to a little on the tight side for a lot of people. However I think it would also be a good idea to sort out the bandwidth issues as in my area the 4G signal is not any better than the 3G and in some cases the 3G signal is far stronger and faster!!


Best way to bring this issue to the fore is to get this put forward as an idea. It may be that it can't be done but it may be that it just needs a little push!


giffgaff 3G can't cope with demand. Do you really think they will have prepared the 4G side of things to manage more usage than they are currently allowing?


It does depend where you live tim74. For where I live and work 4G is excellent hence this suggestion.

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