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How to giffgaff Windows Mobile 6.5

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Use the following step by step guide detailed below to help you solve problems faced with Windows 6.5 (NOT 6.5.3/6.5.5)

Please note:  There may also be slight different variations according to device manufacturer.

More Information

You will need to complete all the steps for the Internet to work.

  1. After activating your SIM (link to activation guide), insert your SIM card into your device and switch it on.
  2. Your phone may recognise the network as 'O2 UK'. This is because giffgaff runs on the O2 network, and is nothing to worry about. If your phone asks you if you would like to retrieve O2 settings, then decline, as O2 settings are not compatible with giffgaff.
  3. Go to Start.
  4. Go to Settings.
  5. Go to the Connections icon.
  6. Tap the Connections icon.
  7. Tap/press 'Add a new modem connection'.
  8. Name it "GiffGaff" and choose "Cellular Line (3G/GPRS)"
  9. Tap Next
  10. Input Access Point Name (APN) as
  11. Tap Next
  12. Set the username as giffgaff
  13. Set the password as password
  14. Tap Finish
  15. Press Start
  16. Go to Settings.
  17. Go to the Connections icon.
  18. Tap Advanced Network
  19. Make sure the "Turn on HSPDA" Box is checked
  20. Press OK

Your internet should now be set and working.

If you have done the above and you still have no internet then it could be one of two things

1 - Data Bar

If you still have not internet, you may still have a data bar on your mobile, you will need to ask an agent.

2.  Parental Controls

if some website work but other websites do not work, you may have the parental controls on your account. To switch off parental control visit- and enter your mobile number.

Switch your handset off and then back on to complete your settings.

The Internet settings are now complete.

You will need to complete all the steps for the MMS to work

Ensure that your internet is set up (above) and functioning before proceeding to configure MMS settings.

Remember MMS messages are NOT included in your goodybag allowances.

  1. Press Start
  2. Tap Texts, or MMS/SMS on some versions
  3. Tap Menu
  4. Tap MMS Options
  5. Tap Servers
  6. Tap New.
  7. Insert Server name, type "GiffGaff MMS".
  8. Insert Gateway, make sure these are exact!
  9. Insert Port number 8080.
  10. Insert Server address, (make sure these are exact!)
  11. In the Connect via drop-down box, choose "GiffGaff" (or whichever that contains your working giffgaff internet settings).
  12. Keep the rest as it is, and tap on Done.
  13. Tap and hold "GiffGaff MMS and tap Set as Default.
  14. Tap on ok (in the top-right corner of your screen) to get back to your text message inbox.

Switch your handset off and then back on to complete your settings.

The MMS settings are now complete.

Contacts entry:

Giffgaff SIM's have three numbers stored in them as contacts, of which one is named 'gg voicemail'. This number is meant to be 443 (spelling GIF) but if you have an older SIM it will be stored as 111, which is giffgaff's old voicemail number (and now the new number for NHS Direct, hence the change). You can edit it to 443, but it may revert to 111 if you take the SIM out of your phone, since the contacts entry is 'hard coded' into the SIM.

Voicemail notifications:

The standard behaviour for voicemail notifications is for the device to display the voicemail symbol and inform you that you have x number of new voicemail messages and will give you the option to press/tap a button to call voicemail. However, in doing this, your device may attempt to dial O2's voicemail number. To fix this behaviour:

  1. Goto Start.
  2. Goto Personal.
  3. Goto the Phone.
  4. Go to the GSM/UMTS Services tab (at the bottom and to the right)
  5. Select 'Voicemail and Text Messages'
  6. Tap Get Settings…
  7. The 'Text messages service center' should already be +447802002606.
  8. Add/Change the 'Voice Mail' number to 443.
  9. Tap on "ok".
  10. Keep pressing 'OK' or 'X' (in the top-right corner of the screen) until you are back to the home screen.

For more information on voicemail, see the voicemail guide.

There is a GiffGaff Carrier Settings for Windows Mobile 6.5 but this may not be included by default. The carrier settings also include a Web Proxy which makes it impossible to connect to internet radio stations.

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