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LG G2 (4G)

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Trouble with using Internet or MMS with your LG G2 (4G) device? Updating your device settings is likely to solve the issue, so we detailed them below.

More information

The experience may vary according to the version of Android you are using but the settings will remain the same.

To change your phone settings:

  • Go to the Start screen.
  • Choose Apps
  • Choose Settings.
  • Choose Tethering & Networks.
  • Choose Mobile networks.
  • Tick Data enabled if this option is not ticked & choose Yes. If Data enabled is ticked, skip to the next step.
  • Choose Access point names.
  • Choose the menu symbol (shown below)

LG G2 - 2.jpg

  • Choose New APN (shown below)

LG G2 - 3.jpg

To use Internet and MMS, you need your APN to reflect the following settings:

  • Name: giffgaff
  • APN - Access Point Name:
  • Proxyleave this blank
  • Port: leave this blank
  • Username: giffgaff
  • Password: leave this blank
  • MMSC:
  • MMS proxy:
  • MMS port: 8080
  • MCC: 234
  • MNC: 10
  • Authentication Type: PAP
  • If the below screen appears, enter default, and choose OK. (Note: in lower case). If the below screen does not appear, tick Internet.

LG G2 - 4.jpg

  • Choose the menu symbol (shown below)

LG G2 - 2.jpg

  • Choose Save.
  • Tick giffgaff (shown below) and then the home button to return to the Start screen.

LG G2 - 5.jpg

  • Restart your handset for the changes to take effect.

Remember that MMS are not included in goodybags and cost 16p each.

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