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Sony phone: My Wi-Fi connection keeps dropping

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You are connected to Wi-Fi but the connection just doesn't want to work properly. Have you tried these recommended steps?

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This might sound unhelpful but it is a solution in many cases. Restart your phone, and then turn Wi-Fi off and then on again.

Check that your router is Wi-Fi certified. Your phone is Wi-Fi certified, so if the router isn’t, the devices may not communicate properly.

Verify that you are in range of the Wi-Fi router. Check the Wi-Fi signal strength in the status bar . If the signal is low, or there is no signal, move closer to the Wi-Fi hotspot, that is, the device that provides the Wi-Fi network.

Make sure that both the phone and the router are using the latest software versions

  • Phone: Click here to check for software updates for the phone.
  • Router: Contact the router manufacturer for instructions on how to update the router software.

Remove any protective case from your phone, and remove the phone from docks or stands to see if the Wi-Fi signal strength improves.

Contact your Internet service provider to ask about the IP address settings.

To manually set the IP address on your device

  1. From your Home screen, tap the "Settings" icon.
  2. Find and tap "Settings" > "Wi-Fi".
  3. Touch and hold the network you are connected to.
  4. Tap "Modify network".
  5. Tick the "Show advanced options" box.

Check that the Wi-Fi sleep policy is set to always have Wi-Fi turned on.

To add a Wi-Fi sleep policy

  1. From the Home screen, tap the "Settings" icon.
  2. Find and tap "Settings" > "Wi-Fi".
  3. Press the bars icon.
  4. Tap "Advanced".
  5. Tap "Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep".
  6. Select an option.

Change the Wi-Fi network security of your router to a different security encryption. For instructions how to change the network security, check the user guide of the router or contact your router manufacturer.

Make sure potential interfering devices or appliances are not placed close to the Wi-Fi router.

Cordless phones, microwave ovens, baby monitors, wireless speakers, monitors and video transmitters that operate in the 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz bandwidth may interfere with a Wi-Fi network. If the problem persists, try changing the router to use 5 GHz or a lower 2.4 GHz channel.

For instructions on how to change channel, check the user guide of the router or contact your router manufacturer.

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