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Activations may take longer than usual at the moment

Started by: robbie28
On: 24/08/2010 | 10:29
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by: robbie28
on: 24/08/2010 | 10:29 edited: 24/08/2010 | 14:49

Please note that this morning some members attempting to activate SIMs will experience a delay.


This means that if you are currently trying to activate a SIM you may see the message 'Pending' or 'In progress' in the mygiffgaff section. If you see this message, your SIM is not active and can't be used.


This issue has just been picked up, and a team are already working to 'unstick' the affected activations. This is likely to take at least two hours. We don't currently know how many people are affected.


Apologies for the delay if you are affected.


Latest update:


14.45 on 24th August.  The original issue has been fixed, however a second issue has arisen which is now being worked on. I will update this thread again as soon as I know more

Robbie Hearn
Ex member of the giffgaff team, still fond admirer
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by: johnsmart
on: 24/08/2010 | 12:05

yes i been waiting two hours now

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by: robbie28
on: 24/08/2010 | 12:19 edited: 24/08/2010 | 12:52

This issue has now been resolved and the 'stuck' activations are now going through. They should all be through in the next 90 minutes.



Robbie Hearn
Ex member of the giffgaff team, still fond admirer
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by: theo1000
on: 24/08/2010 | 13:43

Hi Robbie


Have been waiting for an activation since lunchtime yesterday - still nothing - account still says 'Acctivation in progress'.


Are you able to investigate issues/update?


Desparate for activation now!


Thanks for your help.

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by: robbie28
on: 24/08/2010 | 13:49

theo - please give it a little longer, I mentioned above that it would be 90 minutes - it hasn't quite been that long since you last checked

Robbie Hearn
Ex member of the giffgaff team, still fond admirer
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by: liamwithers
on: 24/08/2010 | 14:08

I've been waiting since this morning, and those "90 minutes" have been and gone now, and I'm still seeing Activation in Progress message.


Any more updates on how long we'll be waiting?

Thanks, and I know this must be just as frustrating for the staff at GiffGaff as it is for the customers.



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by: dsm83
on: 24/08/2010 | 14:35

I too am seeing "Activation in progress...".  Been waiting since 21:00 last night


More than 90 minutes have elapsed since robbie28 asked to wait at 12:52


Would it be possible to get the number of people in the queue or some sort of ETA as to when I can expect my SIM to be active?

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by: robbie28
on: 24/08/2010 | 14:47

Sorry guys, yes the 90 minutes has elapsed and we are aware that some have still to go through. Unfortunately we have now encountered a second issue which is affecting most activations attempted in the last hour or so. This is also being worked on as a top priority. Will update again soon.



Robbie Hearn
Ex member of the giffgaff team, still fond admirer
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by: nuno
on: 24/08/2010 | 14:49



I have activated my sim 11.45 am today I have been waiting for 2+ hours to get my sim activated. How much longer will I need to wait, I know the problem is still being worked I am just wondering how much more I must wait for my sim to be working.




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by: peteoldboy
on: 24/08/2010 | 14:54

hi, i've been waiting since 4pm yesterday,

any update on time scale for activation to complete

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