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Balance N/A Issue [02/02/2012] Resolved.

Started by: the_joseph
On: 02/02/2012 | 13:07
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by: rje10
on: 03/02/2012 | 07:40

I can't top up... says Googybags being updated....

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by: scook94
on: 03/02/2012 | 07:58

@rje10 wrote:

I can't top up... says Googybags being updated....

Same here, was told by an agent that the fix was being applied yesterday, very disappointed it didn't happen.

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by: anthony_c
former giff-staffer

on: 03/02/2012 | 08:38

Hi rje10 & scook94,


I'm sending you PMs please check your inbox shortly after seeing this. 





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by: tallscott
on: 03/02/2012 | 10:08

Hi Anthony,


I'm on day 3 of being unable to buy a Goodybag, same failed promise of a fix yesterday from an agent.  Very dissapointed, can you help?



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by: tiptoeee96
on: 03/02/2012 | 10:15
I'm im the same situation. I had the same problem last time in January and now it's repeating itself. I was told it should be fixed, but it isn't. So now what?
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by: fiendishlyclever
on: 03/02/2012 | 10:23

Two days of not being able to top up and no goodybag for my data use (last month I used 500Mb) so I'm effectively cut off.  Not happy - very tempted to PAC out my number - sloppy service and minimal updates. 

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by: justinjhutch
on: 03/02/2012 | 10:36

hi i cant top up using goody bags! any update on time of fix please. Will this be today?

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by: stevemowbray
on: 03/02/2012 | 10:37
Same situation here, and I'm also thinking about changing provider now. There's still nobody else who gives as good a deal, but it's not much use if it doesn't work and the agents can't fix it.
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by: justinjhutch
on: 03/02/2012 | 11:24
Hi Anthony please can you take a look at this thread there are many more today unable to top up with goody bags, Myself included, Please can you help? Many thanks Justin
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