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Incorrectly charged goodybags [solved]

Started by: vincent
On: 05/08/2010 | 09:50
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by: vincent
former giff-staffer

on: 05/08/2010 | 09:50

Hi all,


Some of you may have been aware there are a lucky few out there who were charged less for their purchase of a goodybag. Those of you who have done so, please enjoy your goodybags.


For those of you who are hoping it might happen to you, sorry, we fixed the bug Smiley Happy





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by: danielscott
on: 05/08/2010 | 09:57

Any word on if or when giffgaff are going to stop the rollover mins people including myself seam to be getting on there account?


I would like to see rollover stay myself.


I seam to be unfortunate lol all my bags have been charged correctly. 

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by: zanityman
on: 05/08/2010 | 10:00

yeah, the roll-over minutes thing *is* excellent at the moment, and makes the 100min goodybag even better value. I'd also love for this stay as it is Smiley Happy but, I know that it IS a bug so any news would be good Smiley Happy

Cheers - ZM

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by: vincent
former giff-staffer

on: 05/08/2010 | 11:59

That hasn't been fixed yet and is also not a very high priority.


My suggestion is simply, enjoy it while it lasts Smiley Happy

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by: bladesman1889
on: 05/08/2010 | 15:54
wow !

thanx vincent & the guys, personaly not a big deal for me as i think that my (£15/£7:50) gb is good enuf value as it is & provides me with just the right amount of mins that i need.
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by: ragnorak
on: 11/08/2010 | 18:05

I'm definitely gonna buy a couple of half-price £10 goodybags at the end of this month just so that the second one will cover October when data is set to become chargeable (even if there is the possibility of the date being extended again).

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