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MAINTENANCE: Spelthorne, Chertsey, Addlestone, Woking and Guildford.

Started by: ncampbell
On: 24/08/2010 | 10:48
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by: ncampbell
on: 24/08/2010 | 10:48



We’re carrying out maintenance on parts of the 2G network between 10pm on 27th August  and 6am on 28th August.


This will result in the loss of 2G services to sites for up to 4 hours in Spelthorne, Chertsey, Addlestone, Woking and Guildford.  Our 3G network will still be working but data services, like using the internet, may be slower.  Lists of postcodes are below...


Postal Code Postal Code
KT12 1PR GU1 1RU
KT12 1RR GU1 2DB
KT12 4DQ GU1 2RB
KT12 5PL GU1 3EL
KT13 0NA GU1 3HR
KT13 0NY GU1 3UX
KT13 0XQ GU1 4NE
KT13 8AA GU1 4YN
KT13 8TA GU10 1HE
KT13 8TT GU11 2AH
KT13 9UP GU11 2PU
KT14 6LD GU11 3EL
KT15 2EH GU12 4HX
KT15 2NW GU12 4YD
KT15 3RL GU12 6EE
KT16 0HT GU14 6BF
KT16 8PN GU16 6AG
KT16 9AS GU2 7RW
KT16 9LU GU2 7UN
KT16 9QX GU2 7XH
TW13 4RN GU2 7YL
TW14 8ER GU2 9YD
TW14 8HR GU21 2PD
TW14 8QA GU21 2RP
TW14 9HH GU21 3AA
TW15 1RU GU21 3LZ
TW15 1UB GU21 4YH
TW15 2HW GU21 5AB
TW15 3AA GU21 5AH
TW16 5AQ GU21 5EN
TW16 6AU GU21 6DJ
TW16 7EQ GU21 6GD
TW17 0JW GU21 6HS
TW17 8AR GU21 8TL
TW17 8QA GU22 0JZ
TW17 9NN GU22 0PT
TW18 2PE GU22 7RB
  GU22 9AL
  GU24 0QA
  GU24 8EL
  GU24 9QE
  GU4 7BQ
  GU4 7QA
  GU4 7UX
  GU4 8EQ
  GU4 8SF
  GU7 2RQ
  GU7 3BW
  KT14 6AA
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