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Mobile Number Information Issue [25/01/12] [Resolved]

Started by: craig_t
On: 25/01/2012 | 12:26
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by: turkeyphant
on: 25/01/2012 | 13:27

@andy0 wrote:

@pinkcalculator wrote:
I'm a bit lost I don't have 3G here but my number is showing up, or has done twice and I'm not going to try again as I'm on pay as go and you can't get your balance on gg at the monent.

I don't think it was about 3g, as I also don't have 3g here and had the number showing


I confirm statement(s) above that it seems to have been recently switched off though


I did a whois check of the IP address to make sure I hadn't connected via wi-fi by mistake, and it's definitely O2online 


And by the way, using the Opera Mini browser not only avoided this issue, but also their compression means less data used anyway, typically only a third or a quarter though obviously a bit variable depending on the type of content, and one's personal settings about images



It's not about 3G - it's about all mobile data that goes through O2's proxy servers.

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by: craig_t
former giff-staffer

on: 25/01/2012 | 13:30

@kirbz wrote:



Please merge this thread (rather than just locking it) so that people can have their opinions and investigations heard.

No problem at all kirbz.

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by: up_the_saddlers
on: 25/01/2012 | 13:32
Does this o2 issue mean all o2 contract users can cancel free? If so why isnt there a giffgaff url on o2's fb page yet Smiley Surprised
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by: kirbz
on: 25/01/2012 | 09:32 edited: 25/01/2012 | 13:06

There is a massive privacy breach that directly affects all of you, so I'm here to:


1) Raise awareness

2) Demand that giffgaff change their policy


When somebody who uses giffgaff visits a website using giffgaff data (GPRS, 3G, Edge etc), giffgaff will supply that website with your basic connection information (time of visit, IP address, browser, etc.) - that's normal, and all providers do it.


However, giffgaff also send the website your full, uncensored phone number (yes, EVERY website you visit - including redirects - spam, porn, Facebook, your mate's website, all commercial sites).


This is a blatant breach of our privacy and hugely concerning - sites can harvest this information and add YOUR phone number to their sales list for cold calling, or to send you ads in text messages, or to sell your phone number to other companies.


You can see this for yourself by visiting (make sure your Wifi is OFF - you have to connect using giffgaff's data or you won't see your number) and looking for your phone number at the bottom of the page.


To the giffgaff team: Do you think that this policy is in any way acceptable? Do you intend to fix this as a matter of urgency?


To the community: please leave a comment here if you want giffgaff to stop giving your personal contact details out without your consent.







giffgaff staff edit - 25/01 -14:54


Good afternoon,


We've locked this thread for the time being - not to stop discussion, but because we'd like to update everyone in one place on this.


Please keep an eye on this thread here.


Kind regards,



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by: adfos
on: 25/01/2012 | 09:35

Yes I have spotted this too. 

Not very happy.

Basically GiffGaff are letting any website you go to harvest your mobile number for text or phone spam.


Might as well cancel my data contract, no point using mobile data while this is going on.


am sure this is a breach of data protection as well.


i think O2 and giffgaff are going to get sued by a lot of people.


Smiley Surprised

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by: goonerrick
on: 25/01/2012 | 09:37
Not impressed by this at all. Just don't think it right for giffgaff to give numbers out.

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by: qasman
on: 25/01/2012 | 09:37
Is this true giffgaff? That website has managed to obtain my phone number. Can someone tell me why websites are allowed to have my private information?
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by: up_the_saddlers
on: 25/01/2012 | 09:38
Does this only work if you use the custom browser? Operamini and other apps would therefore not show your number?

It would explain the sudden increase in spam sms although giffgaff would deny this, and it would be pretty hard to prove.
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by: sangif
on: 25/01/2012 | 09:38
Has any tested this on another network
If this is just 02 and gg it is worrying
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