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Mobile Number Information Issue [25/01/12] [Resolved]

Started by: craig_t
On: 25/01/2012 | 12:26
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by: cim
on: 25/01/2012 | 10:00

Any indication how long O2 has been broadcasting phone numbers for?

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by: craig_t
former giff-staffer

on: 25/01/2012 | 10:04

We're looking into what's going on here and will get back with more information as soon as we have it.

Kind regards,

-Into The West-

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by: dugblare
on: 25/01/2012 | 10:05

Thanks for posting this information.  I am NOT VERY HAPPY ABOUT IT.  What about Data Protection Act?

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by: kirbz
on: 25/01/2012 | 10:06

Thanks Craig.


Unfortunately you guys could be looking at legal action. This is a data protection violation - distributing customers' personal contact details without consent is big.


Look forward to an update from HQ.


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by: webvictim
on: 25/01/2012 | 10:09

Anyone shouting at giffgaff for this is being a bit unfair; it's quite clearly O2's issue and not giffgaff's.


I imagine O2 are probably looking at a lot of trouble for this though. Perhaps a repeat of the time when Orange tried to change the cost of out-of-package SMS and broke the terms of their contracts, losing thousands of customers to a get-out clause in a few days?

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by: huyster
on: 25/01/2012 | 10:11

Nice one gg, you've made it onto Engadget -


Guess you can't really blame gg as they're just O2's **bleep** in this matter.

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by: kirbz
on: 25/01/2012 | 10:14

I disagree - as customers of giffgaff, they have a responsibility to protect our privacy - if the technology that they choose to use in order to provide our service has a privacy breach, then they must take responsibility for that.

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by: shortylumber
on: 25/01/2012 | 10:14
O2 are apparently on the case so all will hopefully be well again
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by: pinkcalculator
on: 25/01/2012 | 10:16
Interesting that some places weren't able to replicate the issue.... Does that mean its suddenly fixed or is it a specific set of numbers /sims affected that o2 have opened up
Mine showed the number but as I'm on pay as you go I'm not going to spend all day checking I'll look later once there's more information.
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by: kirbz
on: 25/01/2012 | 10:17
It looks like it depends which APN/gateway you use - so as a PAYG O2 customer that might explain why some people can't see it
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