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Potential Loss of Service Issue [12/03/2012]

Started by: the_joseph
On: 12/03/2012 | 22:39
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by: patelr
on: 13/03/2012 | 10:06

I've had 'No Service' since about 12.30pm 12/03/2012 in various locations of West London where O2 signal is good.

No response from agents.

Third issue in 6 weeks of GiffGaff use, terrible service, time to go but need a working service to receive my PAC.

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by: dianna5
on: 13/03/2012 | 10:06

i too have come across from o2, in two months have had four problems and one of which is the loss of service and sim registration failed, this in my opinion is not acceptable as i need my phone for schools to get in touch with me and of course emergency calls from family, i am really hacked off, really considering switching back to o2 because i didnt have any hassle and yes giff gaff runs on the same network but cannot give the care and support some members are facing at present

vyvc wrote:

I have also have no service since yesterday afternoon and haven't heard back from an agent yet either but thats hardly suppressing as i bet they have a lot of people to respond too. My partner and a colleague i sit next too at work are on GG and have no problems.


Purely out of curiosity I wonder if there is any common denominator here? 

I don't think its location from what i have read but for completeness i'm in london. 

I joined in Dec 2011.

I was previously an O2 customer.

I was effected by the port in problems in jan (lost service for a week)


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by: the_joseph
Former Staff

on: 13/03/2012 | 10:12



This is now being investigated by our technical teams. We have collated and sent through enough affected members to investigate this fully. Those affected who haven't raised a case, please refrain from doing so for now until we provide further information.




the_joseph giffgaff educator
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by: dwafffamily
on: 13/03/2012 | 10:13
I'm meant to be going into London later with one small child and then travelling home late at night on train and then to car, I don't feel very safe right now if I have no form of contacting anyone if we need help or anything happens. Giffgaff, do you not understand how stressful this is to your customers? This has gone on too long without any form of decent response and the situation still not fixed.
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by: navi51
on: 13/03/2012 | 10:21
Outages can happen at any time any network, i carry a spare sim on a different network as a backup.
To giff is better than to gaff

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by: pinkcalculator
on: 13/03/2012 | 10:23
Maybe worth buying a pay as you go sim from another network it's never too much have spare credit or alternative networks as one network will never cover you everywhere and all the time
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by: vyvc
on: 13/03/2012 | 10:30


Are you already effected? If you aren't i don't think coming to london will change that. I see two people on GG everyday and they are both ok. I have read on other threads about this that people are being effected all over the UK so i don't think its just a london thing. But i dont have all the info so i could be wrong.


I don't believe in random events like this, i think its more likely there is a connection. If there is or isn't i doubt its something that we can effect just something that could be useful for diagnosis.

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by: giffordius
on: 13/03/2012 | 10:39

Add me to the list - no service since 12/03/2012 1800, London. No response to my enquiry from yesterday.


Having spent Christmas & New Year with no service due to the porting disaster, then experiencing the usual stuff like goody bags / top-ups not working properly, money being removed from the account etc., this is the proverbial straw.


Amusingly, when I left O2 they offered effectively the same price as GG but I said 'I'd like to give GG a go'. The retentions agent said 'but  the customer service with GG won't be as good' - I laughed and said 'who needs customer service with mobiles, they just work all the time'. How wrong was I? Smiley Happy

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by: rachelv5
on: 13/03/2012 | 10:42
No service since yesterday afternoon
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by: bellistic
on: 13/03/2012 | 10:56
I've had noservice since 4pm yesterday. I'm in Belfast. Joined Dec ported in Dec and had nothing for a week. Husband also joined dec ported with no problems. He still has service!
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