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Problem with small number of number transfers

Started by: robbie28
On: 24/08/2010 | 13:14
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by: krazykiowa
on: 27/08/2010 | 11:07

Just wanted to say that my SIM was activated tonight, at around 12am! So I guess they have been working overtime Smiley Happy

Thanks GiffGaff Smiley Happy looking forward to making good use of your half price goodybags Smiley Happy


I ordered some sims so my husband and son can join too but fear I won't get them in time for the half price offer as the GG website said 3 to 7 days delivery. Is there any way I can get sims sooner?



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by: rjheald
on: 27/08/2010 | 13:22

Do you know anyone locally that has some spare ones lying around.


I always keep a couple spare in case I meet someone that needs one.

For a free sim with £5 credit click here
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by: robbie28
on: 03/09/2010 | 21:18

Thread locked as issue now over

Robbie Hearn
Ex member of the giffgaff team, still fond admirer
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