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Problem with small number of number transfers

Started by: robbie28
On: 24/08/2010 | 13:14
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by: robbie28
on: 24/08/2010 | 13:14 edited: 24/08/2010 | 14:51

We are investigating a small number of number transfers (also called Port ins) which have not worked properly today.


Port ins can fail for a number of reasons, and often because the releasing network does not comply with some part of the process.


We have not isolated this problem yet, but are working on it. Updates will be posted here.


If you are affected, please accept our apologies, and please make sure you let our support agents know by using the Ask an Agent link.


14.45 update:


A problem has been identifed with a server involved in the port in process and this is being fixed with top priority status.



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by: ijly
on: 25/08/2010 | 09:41

This is now ridiculous. My service went off at 09:20 yesterday and I have not had any phone service and my number is unreachable for work, family and friends. You have asked me to be patient, but 48 hours without service is simply not acceptable. Please give us an update. I trust you intend to compensate for this drastic loss of service?

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by: ijly
on: 25/08/2010 | 09:45

calls and texts have started working. still £0.00 account balance and missing goody bag, but hope that will fix today?

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by: kathrynw
on: 26/08/2010 | 11:20



I lost service to my O2 number yesterday morning, and my giffgaff number stopped working last evening (around 7.00pm). Today the situation remains that I am uncontactable and can't dial out either.


Please advise when my port should be completed.


Many thanks.



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by: kathrynw
on: 26/08/2010 | 11:21
I've contacted the agents regarding this, but haven't received a reply as yet.
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by: vincent
former giff-staffer

on: 26/08/2010 | 14:20

Hi kathrynw,


What sometimes happens is that the notification that we have send a response is simply not coming through/disappears in the junkmail.


So whenever someone says they have not had a response after 24 hours, we advise to please check your giffgaff mailbox for responses from our agents.


We have a 24 hours turnaround policy and rarely does it happen that someone does not get a response from us. Although with the issues we are currently experiencing the agents are working like mad to get back to everyone, so it could be a little longer.


The responses from our agents can be found here:


Should nothing come up, please go to 'My giffgaff' first, to make sure you are logged in to the site.


Then try the link again.


You should always see the query you raised to an agent there, and of course all replies can be found there as well.





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by: abbawoh
on: 26/08/2010 | 18:43

Oh no Have I made a mistake of joining GiffGaff? Been waiting for  activation for 4 hours now. I have purchased a goodybag and I am unable to use my phone. Come on get this sorted!

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by: jack17938
on: 26/08/2010 | 18:59
Not at all. Please just hold on - your SIM card will activate.
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by: krazykiowa
on: 26/08/2010 | 22:47

Starting to think I made a mistake too Smiley Sad


I registered my new sim yesterday at around 4pm but it is still not activated.

This morning I sent a message to an agent about it but have received no reply.


The support message status is below and implies that the message was updated at 2.53pm (assuming by a GG agent) but I see no reply, also the affected service states 'Email' which is not what I queried.


Surprise, surprise the sim has still not been activated. Poor  show Smiley Sad



Subject Reference Number Category Created Date Updated Status Affected services
Awaiting SIM Activation
  • My giffgaff Account
26/08/2010 09.41 AM
26/08/2010 02.53 PM



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by: syorksdeano
on: 26/08/2010 | 22:50
You haven't made a mistake joining giffgaff. Unfortunately you have joined when giffgaff is having technical problems. You will find your sim cards activated and chances are they will be done by the morning. I have noticed that Vincent is currently posting on the community boards so it looks like the staff are working overtime to get the problems resolved.
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