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[RESOLVED] Scheduled O2 Maintenance Tonight - Data might be affected [21/02/2012 into 22/02/2012]

Started by: the_joseph
On: 21/02/2012 | 21:12
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by: the_joseph
on: 21/02/2012 | 21:12 edited: 22/02/2012 | 09:17

Hi all,


We have been notified by O2 that there are some changes required on the data network this evening. So some members may have trouble using data on their phone / device between midnight and 1.30am this evening.


Best regards,


the_joseph giffgaff educator
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by: 1hale
on: 21/02/2012 | 21:14
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by: m_morley
on: 21/02/2012 | 21:14

Thank you for the information

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by: nanjayman
on: 21/02/2012 | 21:15

Thanks for the advice. much appreciated

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by: brulaw
on: 21/02/2012 | 21:15

Thanks for the warning Joe .... Smiley Happy

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by: giffgaff_1
on: 21/02/2012 | 21:16
Thanks Joe,

it seems i get to sleep through all these maintenance and upgrades

Smiley Happy
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by: drlatheef
on: 21/02/2012 | 21:17
Okay, thanks for the update...
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by: cheekypj
on: 21/02/2012 | 21:17
Cheers for the info
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by: dazjazz
on: 21/02/2012 | 21:18
Thanks for the warning Smiley Happy
Hopefully my wifi will be work by then, otherwise I'll have to go to bed! Smiley Tongue
it's nice to have something official we can point people towards in the inevitable 'why isn't my Internet working' posts come in as well.
Hope I've Helped Smiley Happy
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by: adeelzakii
on: 21/02/2012 | 21:19

thanks for info

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