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RESOLVED: Transferring your number to giffgaff is not currently available - but will be back soon

Started by: robbie28
On: 04/09/2010 | 11:41
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by: robbie28
on: 04/09/2010 | 11:41 edited: 09/09/2010 | 09:51

Just a quick note to remind everyone that we have taken our number transfer system  (also known as 'port in service')  offline for a few days to make improvements. That means that you cannot currently bring your number to giffgaff.


We expect this feature to be available again in the middle of next week i.e. around the 8th September. I will post here when we know for sure.


Apologies for any incovenience this may cause. We are taking this action due to some faults that we have experienced in recent weeks with the system that meant we felt it no longer offered the high quality service we want to deliver. So it's better to make it unavailable for a few days than to keep it up, knowing that it may cause a small percentage of people serious problems.


Thanks for your understanding


update 6th September 17.39


The tech teams continue to work on improving the port in experience. There has been a positive test of a new interface that has improved throughput in the key area of our system that was identified in our CTO's post about the issue we experienced at the end of August.


This work will continue tomorrow and will focus on the many file transfers that have to happen in the port system.

update 7th September 11.57

There is a meeting between the different tech teams involved in porting today at 1pm. I will update again after that.

update: 14.56

Wow, that was a long meeting. For those interested there were representatives from giffgaff, O2 Technology, O2 Central Migrations, MVNE, and Fujitsu. All of whom are involved in the port process. I will be producing a more detailed post tomorrow that explains in detail how the port system works, what the dependencies are, and what you can expect as a member who's porting your number.


But the immediate news is that we are starting the port in service again on Thursday 9th September - meaning  the first port in date, if you submit your request on Thursday will be Monday 13th September.


The main change we have made is to upgrade a key interface on the network so that it can process port transactions faster. We have also agreed some internal process changes which will put more checks into the system on a daily basis - so that we pick up any failures quicker.


update 8th Sept:

more information on porting is now available here

update 9th Sept:

We are in the process now of opening up the Port in form again - it will be live agin this morning.

Robbie Hearn
Ex member of the giffgaff team, still fond admirer
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by: callumacrae
on: 04/09/2010 | 11:58

Will we have to fill in the form thing again?



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by: gavjbrown
on: 04/09/2010 | 19:16
I really hope porting is working again soon as T-mobile have told me they wont close my account down until the number is transfered. I had to send my phone and sim back to T-mobile within 7 days of buying it as the signal was terrible at my home address. But won't get the £100 back for the phone or contact money until porting is complete.
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by: gawright
on: 04/09/2010 | 19:18
Presumably you specifically want to keep the T-mobile number? had you ported a number to them? If you're not bothered about keeping it they should close the account without transfer - you'd just need to keep the new giffgaff no.

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by: gavjbrown
on: 04/09/2010 | 19:23
I transferred the number I had for years to T-mobile and that is the number I now want to bring to Giffgaff.
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by: lezemoyin
on: 05/09/2010 | 14:39
Ok it seems it may have system thing why I can't send SMS after my number was ported, honestly that's the only explanation I can come up with. I hope that SMS can be sorted after the 8th etc
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by: gawright
on: 05/09/2010 | 14:41


@lezemoyin wrote:
Ok it seems it may have system thing why I can't send SMS after my number was ported, honestly that's the only explanation I can come up with. I hope that SMS can be sorted after the 8th etc

Sorry I don't understand what you are asking here. You'd be better starting a new thread in the Help section. This thread is supposed to be for updates from giffgaff regarding the suspension of port in requests.


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by: daveysludge
on: 05/09/2010 | 14:52
Personally I don't think GG should be actively encouraging porting anyway, it's lead to a lot of probems of late. Yeah, have it as an option for those determined to keep their number, but it seems a lot of people were encouraged to port and GG's system can't cope with it!

It just seems like a sneaky way of stopping a punter reverting back to their old sim, which in this case has back-fired!

Thats my view anyay...
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by: darrenpainter
on: 05/09/2010 | 14:58 edited: 05/09/2010 | 14:59

Powers to enable Ofcom to set conditions requiring communications providers to provide number portability are set out in sections 51 and 58 of the Communications Act 2003 (the "Act").

Obligations imposed on a communications provider to provide number portability to its subscribers and to provide portability to other communications providers are set out in General Condition 18 ("Number Portability"). Ofcom has got powers to enforce any breach of that Condition under sections 94 to 103 of the Act. Civil liability for breach of that Condition could also arise, but Ofcom must first give a consent for the bringing of such civil proceedings under section 104 of the Act.


So if giffgaff actively discouraged users they could be held liable

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by: j400uk
on: 05/09/2010 | 15:00

When is the earliest I could realistically expect to have my number transferred from O2 to GG?


Problem I've got is I've ran out of texts with O2 and am down to my last few minutes, don't want to pay for another month as I was really hoping to be transferred over to GG by now. I have already purchased 2 goody bags but I can't use them without having my number. Got the PAC from O2 and it ain't going to last forever.

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