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[RESTORED] 2G, 3G and 4G services impacted across the UK - 6 Dec 2018

Started by: roxy_r
On: 06/12/2018 | 07:05
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by: chris90553
on: 06/12/2018 | 17:16

Is this going to be fixed tonight do you think?

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by: 0116kim
on: 06/12/2018 | 17:16

These things happen , it will get sorted in the end just be patient everone

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by: kelly96699
on: 06/12/2018 | 17:16

I hope you will reimburse us for not being able to use our phones today. I work in the care industry and rely on my phone for important communication. I wouldn’t mind so much if it was one or the other but for everything not to be working is very poor form. 

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by: cookiecope
on: 06/12/2018 | 17:16

Let's remember that if we have sanitation and clean water we're very lucky Smiley Happy 

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by: eduem
on: 06/12/2018 | 17:16

does anyone knows when will be sorted?

Someone should compensate us!

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by: jobeau1
on: 06/12/2018 | 17:16

Hi do you get a compation with being off ?

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by: arieta
on: 06/12/2018 | 17:16

nothing is working guys!!!! when i say nothing, nothing!! 
i cant even use wifi nor log on the community... 


Im about to leave work, go home, wanting to relax but i dont even have any contact with ANYONE!!! i know its frustrating but cmon guys!!1 must be something we can do!!!!

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by: mattg160
on: 06/12/2018 | 17:17 edited: 06/12/2018 | 17:20

With this impact on the service can we get some kind of money back or something? As I think it's fair on customers who are on giffgaff who are suffering from it. Mine is still down

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by: skinym3
on: 06/12/2018 | 17:17
Stop whining it's all ready fixed lmao! besides what school is going to call after 3PM?
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by: jenneh23
on: 06/12/2018 | 17:17
How long now I work nights how am I suppose to travel with no phone not being able to track transport, and everything else I use data calls for I’m basically paying for something I’m not using
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