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[RESTORED] 2G, 3G and 4G services impacted across the UK - 6 Dec 2018

Started by: roxy_r
On: 06/12/2018 | 07:05
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by: alleshmayxx
on: 06/12/2018 | 20:49
Hi.. any idea on when it will work?
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by: andybyrne
on: 06/12/2018 | 20:50
Absolutely. Well said.
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by: suziewm
on: 06/12/2018 | 20:51

Giffgaff you do a fantastic job I love this network xx 

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by: ricks54
on: 06/12/2018 | 20:51

I need to know how long roughly this problem is going to take to fix as the SIM card that I'm currently using is for work use so at the minute I am unable to use my srevices




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by: angb123
on: 06/12/2018 | 20:53
My texts are sending repeatedly and taking credit also. Four times people received them and it bleeps back saying not sent four times. Is this going to stop. I can't cancel a text once it sent so I cannot text and still having problems with calls. Any update as to what will happen with this?
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by: roxy_r
community giff-staffer

on: 06/12/2018 | 20:55

@ricks54, we are sorry but we do not have a specific time for the fix just yet. We are aiming to have the connectivity restored by tomorrow morning. As soon as we have anything more specific we will let you know.

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by: andybyrne
on: 06/12/2018 | 20:55
No broadband, no internet, crying over games, left wallet with the missus. Good lord man. 🙄
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by: raflekkk
on: 06/12/2018 | 20:55
They aim to reaper this till tomorrow morning
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by: jay250316
on: 06/12/2018 | 20:56
Reset ur phone mine is working now after resetting my phone
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by: runnie1973
on: 06/12/2018 | 20:56
Do you know if there will be any compensation offered for the very long loss of service and inconvenience caused to many members of this network
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